Google China - Spot the difference.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tricam, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Try "Chinese Muslim" on both searches.........
  2. Where?
  3. At the bottom of the page showing the search results.

    Roughly translated: "In accordance with local laws and government regulations, some search results have been removed."

    You need a browser that can display chinese characters.
  4. Mine can. Unfortunately, I can only recognise man, prince and door. I used to be able to recognise "small-heart-ball-glass" which together mean "Fragile, glass." :)
  5. "small-heart-ball-glass"

    Lol! Xiao(3) Xin(1) Bo(1) Li(3).

    I get where you are coming from though. I studied chinese for almost 10 years but now, after years of not having to use chinese, I cannot even read a chinese newspaper w/o having to skip huge chunks of words :oops: . What a silly language. At least English can be learnt phonetically.

  6. and, of course, to be able to READ F*CKING CHINESE!!! :)
  7. So the Chinese just log into instead of to bypass the retrictions, since what they want to look at will be mainly in english anyway! I am sure there are also chinese web sites based in Taiwan that cater for there needs anyway...........
  8. I think chinese ISPs might do a lot of filtering aswell. So using might come with a "this is filtered" sort of page when they search for something like "tiananmen square".

    I only think it might not be true, but I will find out.