Google Arnhem Bridge and Hotel Hartenstein Oosterbeek

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cloggie, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. For the interested amongst us.


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  2. Hey Cloggie, or anybody else!

    Pots and I are heading up to Arnhem for the day on tuesday, what are the must sees there?

    Groetjes :D
  3. the whole place is amazing, try and get directions at the hartenstein hotel, for the westerbouwing heights! it was captured and held by the border regt before the germans used flamethrowers on them. the view is fantastic as you can see down the rhine towards arnhem, also where the paras escaped across the river. i was on a tour there last year and we were taken around the whole place by adrian groenweg(tour guide). well worth a visit.
  4. Croque, get yoruself to the military cemetary at Ooseterbeek, about a 1 mile walk from Hartenstien.... take some tissues with you.

    There are three or four VCs in there.

    Hartenstein is a must as in John Frost Bridge.... if you walk down the main drag there is also a plaque, where 10 para were wiped out completely.

    Its an awesoeme and humbling experience that everyone should experience.
  5. To get to all the must sees and do's in the right atmosphere i suggest to do the yearly held Airborne march which will lead you past all the landmarks like Oosterbeek town,Hartenstein,Westerbouwing,the war cemetary etc.

    About 2 weeks after the march there is the remembrance jump at Ginkel Heath (Ginkelse Heide). Here's some footage of it that i made 2 years ago. It's not all great filmed,but feck it i'm not Jan de Bont :wink:


    edited coz my spelling sucks
  6. Nice film Cloggie - very moving when the Dutch lady in the crowd starts counting the paras out of the Skytrain. Best wishes.
  7. On the main road to Oosterbeek there's a Hotel we stopped off at for ham and eggs which was a dressing station during the battle, it's an interesting place to dismount for a bite and an ale.

    Featured on this page:

    We rented bikes - and saw a lot more for travelling this way; it also gave us a much better sense of the geography and an understanding of the distances involved. We visited the 1st British Airborne cemetary and the Air Despatchers Memorial at Oosterbeek , which was an incredibly moving experience and then cycled the route that Frost had taken, from the Hartenstein Hotel along the river to the bridge (we navigated using a map in a copy of 'A Bridge Too Far' I'd taken out with me).

    It was very interesting and rewarding, more so I think, for not being stuck in a car or ferried around in minibus. I would also recommend a trip up to the top of the tower in the central church in town, the views are worth it.

    Enjoy your trip - the lads who are resting there will be glad you made the effort to visit.