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This may be of interest to the forum, I subscribe to "google alerts". If you put in a term such as "british troops afghanistan" or "British troops" or "garrison town slappers phone numbers" google will search all the news sites worldwide and send you an email each day/as it happens/once a week.

I use the term "british troops afghanistan"

Today I got.

Google Alert for: Afghanistan british troops
Veterans of Suez say sacrifices ignored
The Observer - UK
... were young soldiers and we did what we were told but, like Afghanistan now, we ... It was a hot and hostile posting for thousands of British troops, many of them ...
'Our boys are so shattered' ... families plead for more ...
The Observer - UK
Relatives of British troops serving in Afghanistan's Helmand province have raised serious concerns over the safety of soldiers, claiming many are so exhausted ...
Our troops pay in blood for Government failures - United Kingdom
... I doubt it. The head of Nato troops in Afghanistan has said that the country ... Thirty-one British servicemen have died in the country in the past six months. ...
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Sunday Mirror - UK
... Defence Secretary John Reid said the British Army would be involved in a peace keeping mission when 3,300 troops were deployed in Afghanistan's Helmand province ...
Browne 'optimistic' on Nato troops
Guardian Unlimited - UK
Defence Secretary Des Browne said he was "optimistic" that British troops in Afghanistan would receive further support from other Nato countries. ...
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UK troops 'to spend 10 years' in Afghanistan
The Sunday Times - UK
THE commander of the British taskforce in southern Afghanistan said last week that UK troops could be in the country for as long as 10 years. ...
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Karzai blamed for ‘hellhole’ strategy
The Sunday Times - UK
... pressure from the Afghan government forced British troops to adopt ... remote outposts, the commander of the British taskforce in southern Afghanistan said last ...
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Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States
Canada Free Press - Canada
... to warn you that you better try to avoid traveling with the British, American, Canadian, French, Spanish and Italian troops in Afghanistan, we will target all ...
NATO: Additional Troops Not Needed in Afghanistan
Chosun Ilbo - Seoul,South Korea
... gradually taken over counter-insurgency responsibilities in the Taleban heartland of southern Afghanistan, with British, Canadian, and Dutch troops making up ...
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