Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. i had got my hopes up thinking it was ................................

  2. Its a good start to the new year. Hopefully the rest of her mangy body will fail through out the year.
  3. Hang on chaps - this poor bermondsey bird is a victim of her very own family/background. BB gave the poor li'l gal a chance to rise above it, get nekkid on tv and earn a few quid.

    Full marks to her for getting up off her incestually abused kebab and making something of her sweet cherubic and sylph-like self.

    Face it Arrsers, most of you would bung it a favourable portion of penile lance (if you was man enuff to own up) - especially my [doffs cap] Lord Flashy [/doffs cap] who, I suspect, hides his innermost fantasies behind his manly bluster.

    Nice chebs, low moral standards - every arrser needs one!
  4. Ha ha ha!

    Sorry, are we still playing word association?
  5. The only tool I would go near her with is a DeWalt 30Kg breaker hammer. True, I have very low standards and wouldn't hesitate to creampie Dot Cotton or fist Emily Bishops anus whislt wearing an 18 oz studded boxing glove but to even contemplate placing any of my fleshy parts anywhere near the mound of the hound of Bermondsey makes me want to remove my own vital organs with a spatula and then eat them Flambé style with a bottle of Blue Nun whilst watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle.
  6. Me thinks thou doth protest too much!
  7. M'Lud Flash -you are priceless in the quick repartee but I still maintain that you would easily succumb to the fleshy mons veneris of Madame Jade
  8. Yes I would but only to wear her as some form of hat. A very large hat at that.
  9. Ah.............. A Bermondsey Beaver Hat. Already I can can see the protesters forming up.
  10. Protesters against me or Goody?

    Due to the surface area of her skin, instead of a hat, I'm sure I could use her as a poncho or probably a 12x12. I can't think of any endearing features regarding Goody except she may well be dead with 6 months. Are William Hills doing any odds for her?
  11. You Sir - You. The lesser classes wil take against you as surely as Jade is an educated goddess

    edited to say that you sir are a bounder and a cad.
  12. The lesser classes will not. They have no idea of a the LBW rule or have any idea of style, class or panache. The British Empire has 300 years of ensuring those types stay as the underclass and long shall it remain.

    Any chance you can place the noun 'sir' in your post any more than you have, you snivelling creep?
  13. I know its the Naafi but I'd like the make gentle love to Jade with candles and Zero7 on the stereo. You are all being very cruel

    Do punches unblock Kidneys?
  14. Is she dead yet?

    RIP brave soul see you in Valhalla , stand easy etc.