Goody wants a public funeral

Just after the public burning hopefully


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I would pay good money to see the slag planted.
Id gladly come and squeeze a fresh one down on her grave and write in poo fat useless cnut.....who was an O2 thief
Gah! I have no words for how fuming I am over this.

She'll feel less of a woman when her hair falls out, and she thinks she'll look like a boiled egg? Fuckit Miss Goody, why don't you insult cancer victims more??

Cunt stain of the highest order.
I want people to cry over me. And I don't want anyone to have a booze up when I'm dead. They should have a cup of tea and be crying
Attention seeking swine. She says she wants the wreath in the shape for a marmite jar as she is either loved or hated, i dont know anybody who likes her. Well except everbody on here and the love you have for her as you have for a ginger step child.
I was goint to say giz 50 quid and I'll speed up the process and we could have the funeral tomorrow. But fcuk it, I'd gladly pay to get to drop the hammer on the gopping fcukpig and spare us all her turgid lamentations on the tumors which are, after all, only doing society a favour. Gaaaarggghhhhh!!!!


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Why does she assume she'll be missed?
It should be quite an impressive funeral, only two human-made objects can be seen from space: The Great Wall of China and Jade Goody's coffin.
Public funeral? Public stoning more like it. I'd pay money to chuck rocks at her head!!!
box-of-frogs said:
Public funeral? Public stoning more like it. I'd pay money to chuck rocks at her head!!!
Judging by the state of it you've been well and truly beaten to it.
If you charged money to people to sling a shovelful of mud on top of the coffin, you could give the proceeds to a cancer charity. Sure you could raise thousands, and therefore the fat hippocrocapig could actually have done one useful thing. (Well, 2, if you count stopping thieving oxygen.)
The mother of Bobby, five, and Freddy, three, said she would never allow the event to be filmed on TV, telling the magazine: "I know I have lived most of my life in front of the cameras, but that would be sick."

I know that Big Brother can go on a bit but methinks Goody is 'biging it up a bit' with the most of my life quote. Some may construe this as a bizarre form of celebrity wannabe walting - a rare form of the activity much popularised by this site.

Jade Goody wants a public funeral and the public want Jade Goody's funeral, a good situation in these bleak credit-crunch ridden times. Don't bother with the chemotherapy save the cash and just let her shuffle off and everybody will be happy, except perhaps the blokes who have to carry the coffin - some sort of movable black crane may be in order.
Mr_Deputy said:
Embalm her in White Lightning.
Better still cheap supermarket vodka and make the event a Viking style funeral pyre - attache her to rocks and it could provide cheap warning for shipping in the Channel.
There's enogh shipping hazards in the Channel as is without that fat tub of sh*t bobbing around. But the burning ideas a good one. Could keep a million pensioners warm for the winter. Providing you could stand the smell of her chavs own perfume.

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