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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. It appears that 'Blair Lite' and his crew think it will be a good idea to support a 'military intervention' into Ivory Coast.

    Do these twerps that we elect to govern in Her Majesty's name have no idea at all when it concerns the 'real world'.

    1.Ivory Coast is French 'problem'.

    2.The Armed Forces, what is left of them, have enough to do.

    3. Ivory Coast needs aircraft or ships to reach - the Army can do most things, but swimming to Ivory Coast ----.

    4. The Royal Navy have no ships left (thanks Blair, Brown and 'Dave'); the Royal Air Force (allowed to survive because Mr. Stirrup loved Mr. Brown) does not fly into French speaking air-space.

    Conclusion: Hague, wind in your neck, save some lives and much money and tell the poxy 'Frogs' to sort!!!
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    here here !
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    infact no ! wait....

    Can we send tanks there ? ;) lol
  4. What seems to be said is that we will support any UN action. There are UN troops there and any extra will come from the local forces. There are also 'a considerable number' (sic -BBC) of French troops there. So it seems that our leaders are happy to support military action as long as it involves someone else's uniforms
  5. They might need a bit of cash though.
  6. I thought the Ivory Coast was an FFL playground
  7. If this area is a French problem,who's going to look after the French when they surrender?
  8. Italians? no wait
  9. 'devexwarrior' having read the report more carefully, I accept that you are right, BUT .....

    I find it hard to believe that a 'BlairLite' would not jump at the chance of being a 'war leader' and a 'major player on the world's stage'. I do hope I am wrong and I do hope the twerps heading up the Services say 'NO Prime Minister'.
  10. Along with us building ties with the French military, along the lines of sharing carrier duties.
  11. Not just the Service Chiefs, look to the cabinet as well. Take a look at the cabinet of 1982, note how many of them had seen active service in the forces, there are even two holders of the MC.

    A book I read quite some time ago commented on how some of these cabinet members did not want a war with Argentina, not because they thought we couldnt win, but purely because they knew what war was like.
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    There there?

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  13. Three Cabinet members I think: Whitelaw; Carrington and Pym; had won MCs.

    We should never forget the 'fire-breathing', 'baby-eating', old fashioned 'sea-dog', Admiral Sir Henry Leach. Civil servants remained civil when Sir Henry was about and politicians tended to keep their opinions on Naval matters to themselves. Mrs. Thatcher was fortunate to have as First Sea Lord this giant of an officer. From the moment of Sir Henry's involvement, the 'Argies' never stood a chance.

    On 31 March 1982 soon after the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, he brushed aside serious doubts from the Secretary of State for Defence Sir John Nott, and marched in to visit the Prime Minister in full uniform.[4] He was asked if retaking the islands was possible, he replied "Yes we can recover the islands." He then added "and we must!" Thatcher replied "Why?" he replied "because if we don’t do that, in a few months we will be living in a different country whose word will count for little!" This pleased Thatcher who then proceeded to give the order for the task force to set sail to retake the Falklands.
    The Falklands campaign was successful, in no small part, thanks to Sir Henry Leach among others. He was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet upon retirement in late 1982.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks this might be a good way of fighting back against the cuts?
  15. I bet that the surprise announcement a few months ago regarding Britain's military working closely with the French on op's was a prelude to this problem.
    Now the jigsaw fits, and yet another military experiment about to take place.
    The whole thing was pre-planed if you ask me.