Goodwill unit keeps Basra raiders at bay

The spams should take a note out of their book. :wink:

A "hearts and minds" campaign by an RAF unit has prevented the closure of Basra airport, the crucial airbase in southern Iraq.

No mortars or bombs have struck the base for seven months, which can be largely attributed to the 160 men of No 2 Squadron, RAF Regiment who patrol far outside the perimeter.

Intelligence gathering and diplomacy have been among the main skills used in bringing the surrounding villages onside.

"Just one successful attack on an aircraft would be disastrous, said Sqd Ldr David Tait, the unit commander.

"The key concern of mine is someone shooting down an aircraft like an RAF Tristar with 240 blokes on board and the serious strategic implications that would have on us out here."

Operating round the clock patrols, the squadron has monitored the sand banks and marshland that previously concealed insurgents who bombed the base. Another key part to the operation is winning "hearts and minds" in hamlets near the base with construction projects including a school and flood relief.

The goodwill gathered from such gestures is immense, according to Sgt "Nobby" Noble, who was leading the three-vehicle patrol yesterday, with the locals providing some excellent intelligence.

"The civic programme is invaluable. Now we hear the locals saying that if the insurgents come into the village they will kill them," he said.
Jango_Fett said:
This would be the same 2 Sqn RAF Reg repeatedly mentioned in the 'Most non-elite "elite" units' thread then?

Most non-elite "elite" units

They obviously have elite Public Reations.
Someone with close contacts in the torygraph office? :wink:
But its hard to prove a negative isnt it if no attacks happen you can claim because we did a or b no attacks .Or it could be the bad guys went else where .I'm sure the rock apes worked hard but they still deserve mocking at every opptunity imho .I'm sure no one would speak ill of the ta rlc bloke who got the mc ,but, would in the next breath accuse him of being a pie munching stab remf .its how things are.

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