Goodluck Jonathan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. President of Nigeria, apparently. Why do I have a feeling I've received unsolicited emails from this man ?
  2. The Secretary-General of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe is called Welshman Ncube.
  3. My old boss was called Fanny Hunter.
  4. Not as funny as Canaan Sodindo Banana though is it?
  5. The Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, anyone. What is it about Rhodesian/Zimbabwean names?
  6. He has a daughter you know, Juanita. Waanita Banana.

  7. Apparently she's just got the one tooth.
  8. But only Ndabaningi Sithole is an anagram of "I Sing in a Hotel Band"
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The World Cup has provided a whole slew of new names in Sarf Effrika:
    Offside, Red-card and Vuvuzela among baby names registered during 2010 World Cup - National South Africa Travel |

    THE 2010 World Cup will be remembered for a lifetime by children currently in KwaZulu-Natal hospital maternity wards, and by those about them.

    True to Zulu tradition, the newborns have been named for events at the time of their birth.

    Among new names recorded by nurses are:
    • Offside Mchunu;
    • Argentina Sibiya;
    • Vuvuzela Mhlongo;
    • England Nkosi;
    • Soccer City Mthembu;
    • Cameroon Vilakazi;
    • Striker Hadebe;
    • Italy Buthelezi;
    • Midfielder Zwane;
    • Denmark Ntombela;
    • Red-card Mbatha;
    • Brazil Khuzwayo;
    • Coach Sibisi;
    • France Kheswa;
    • Goalkeeper Sithole;
    • Parreira Mthethwa;
    • 2010 Dlamini;
    • Jersey Magubane;
    • Substitute Shandu;
    • Ball Skhakhane;
    • Stadium Gumbi;
    • Kick-off Shabalala;
    • Park n Ride Khumalo;
    • Half-time Hlatshwayo;
    • Tickets Ngubane;
    • and Kaka Zuma.
    Lovely colorful stuff. What a great start to life.
  10. I just think they should stick to traditional African names like black scamming bastard
  11. Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It's not the name I laugh at. Children, if you are bad, God will turn you into something like this.
  12. 'He has a daughter you know, Juanita. Waanita Banana'.

    (Drumroll, cymbols clash) - Nicely done.

    There's also Ali Bongo, the President of Gabon. No duff.
  13. Bone signal aint hid
  14. Saw a dude on TV once called Pepsi.
    Also met a Putco, (a popular chain of ahem, less . . luxurious busses).