Goodies to Stan - Stoppit!???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tastytoggle, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Need to hear from the sharp end about this. I've just got an email from a Whitehall pencil neck enclosing the Press Release which GMTV were talking about the other day. They say the loggies can't cope with all the general goodie boxes being sent by the public and that it's slowing up mail for named personnel, plus endangering those who have to deliver it to the front. Do any goodie boxes actually get to "A Soldier" at the front or are the rear echelons their final destination? What's the view from the sharp end?

    Comments please!

  2. stop digging journo.........
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  4. Even if he is a journo it's a reasonable question in this case. Policy on it has been clear for years though.
  5. Blue - Wrong tree barking

  6. What's your take on sending Chrimbo Boxes marked 'To a little afghan child'

    Inside will be a my little pony nativity scene playset, a my first bible, some pork scratchings and a Sun calender to show them what an Infidels Mummy looks like.
  7. Put it this way - a parcel sack can only hold about 8-10 shoebox-sized parcels. The amount of parcels addressed to 'a Serving Soldier' outnumbers parcels addressed to soldiers personally by about 8-1. It's nothing to do with not being able to cope, it's just that backlogs become inevitable due to the massive increase in mail volume.
  8. toggle - of course they get divided up between the units, they are not kept at BSN. And as the MoD said, to get these unsolicited gifts forward to people not expecting them does put lives at risk, slow down personal mail and costs a fortune.

    As for a view form the sharp end, not there, suspect they will be a bit busy if they are at the properly sharp end of the business.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

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  10. Well, I suppose Bill Oddie might be of use with binoculars in an OP. Just tell him to imagine watching the Taliban is like Springwatch. The tricycle might be a bit rubbish against IEDS though.
  11. What would you prefer to be shipped to Afghanistan?


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    You cannot fight Terry with a Curly Wurly and a rolled up copy of FHM. What you going to do? Terrify him with a Walnut Whip?
  12. Fugly

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    Bullets as well as ammunition? Now you're just being greedy.
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  14. we must be looking at a different Sun newspaper, because most squaddies mums look like a binliner full of wallpaper paste with a hole in it.