Just done up what by even my own rigorous standards is a top-hole veggie curry, kind of. The kind of is because the water that the spuds got boiled in was laced with what was left in the frying-pan after cooking 4 homemade burgers plus about 4 pinches of dried garlic powder and as much ( probably a bit more) salt. After about 15 mins, and, yes, this is a cheat but no-one complained, throw in some frozen brussels, mixed veg, and if you like, some meat ( I aint no treehugger), and give it another ten. In the meantime, in about a half-pint this is where the good bits come in.....chuck in about as much powdered pea soup as would make a pint, add Tesco's curry powder, not the cheap stuff btw, plus as many shakes of Tabasco superstrong as you like and a big dollop of soya sauce and add water to make nearly half a pint. Stir well. Chuck it all in with the ongoing veg and let it all simmer for another 10-15. Done deal.

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