Goode back at Fly-Half

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Praetorian, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I'm so happy about this England team. The form openside, Steffon Armitage has been selected, the form Tight-Head, Julian White is on the bench, and we now have a half-decent 10 playing for us, rather than the media-hyped Cipriani or the defensively lacking Hodgson.

    Best chance we have of winning the 6 Nations for years.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    On the basis of what results do you make that deduction?

    I agree that Cipriani is a good omission but until the England team starts playing with more heart and a lot more ambition, I can't see you getting above mid table. A few new names isn't going to change the dreadful tactics seen in the autumn internationals.

    Getting rid of Johnson now might help.
  3. I'm guessing that with Johnston at the helm the Italians must really fancy their chances for Saturday.
  4. Hahahahahahahahaha!!
  6. Regardless of Johnsons faults, and I agree that they are many, he's picking the team based on form. The inclusion of Cueto, Armitage, White and Goode shows this. As well as that, the U20's and Saxons teams are choc-a-block with talent, and show a lot of promise for development.

    However, we are in the shit as far as quality #10's are concerned.
  7. 15 superstars do not a team make, that's the coach's job. Johnston seems to be running England like premiership manager who genuinely believes that the team with the biggest wage bill will prevail.
  8. The Italians have been getting better every year so you could be right.Lets hope not though :wink:

  9. The Italians have a pack that is the equal of any pack in Europe, possibly the World. A match against Argentina would be very interesting.

    However, they have no #10, and no stand out stars among the backs. Their best back is probably Marcato, with Masi as a good crash ball centre. They've lost their way since the age of Dominguez.
  10. Strange how MJ released London Irish players last week and kept hold of Gloucester players only to select the LI players and drop the Glaws players the Brian Smith influence I suppose.Still did the Not-Nots in the GP.

    Fatty Clappy-Hands Goode at stand-off!!!!

    Where is the sense? Surely you would look to use one of your up and coming players against Italy??

    Why hasn't he given Geraghty a are we going to progress??
  11. Johno's got a cunning plan. Cipriani needed a kick up the backside (he was starting to believe the media hype)
    Putting him in the Saxon's for a week will let him know who's in charge of team selection.
    Plus MJ knows Goode well from their Liecester days. I think England are getting a verbal shoeing from Johnno at the moment and I wouldn't be surprised if the Italians get well beaten.
    Also Cipriani will be back for the Wales game IMHO with a point to prove.
  12. hope Goode has got over his nerves and can play his welford road standard game at an international level.
    Having seen him kick 9 for 9 when tigers put nearly 140 points over newcastle in 2 games, he didn't seem to perform with the same flair when called up to england.

    good luck to him and the team, and I hope Johnson can bring the same magic he brought to tigers, but leading from the touch line this time.
  13. As an avid viewer of the TOP 14, throught honestly-its-legal means, Goode has been doing very well!
  14. You're a leicester fan aint you?

    White was forced upon him thank to Matt Stevens little msidemeanour.

    Steffon Armitage deserves his shot, although I wouldnt have minded seeing him gain a bit of experience in the Saxons first. But as we saw with his brother some people handle the pressure very well.

    As for form fly halfs, Why Goode? He's past it, by selecting Goode Johnson has pretty much dictated our game plan, stick it up the jumper then boot over the top. The style of game that England play very well and everyone complains about (to the level of the Southern hemisphere calling for the ELV's to stop it). If he truly wants england to play running rugby then he should be looking at the likes of Geraghty or dare I say it, the form fly half in the guinness premiership and best distributor of the ball we've got, Charlie Hodgson.

    Or we could just do what we do every other time we get into a bit of trouble and Thaw Mike Catt out. I move that I personally would positively back.
  15. Am I fuck. I'm certainly not a Tigers fan!

    True, White is only in the side due to Steven's misdemeanor, but he's still a better prop at the end of the day. You as a fellow Prop know that just as well as me Bully!

    Hodgson can't get a back line firing properly that includes Luke McAllister. He may be the "Form" 10, but his tackling is shite. Goode is the top scorer in the Top 14, has reached 1000 points in the GP etc etc. Goode is the right choice for the moment, IMHO for the tournamant. Cipriani needs to be made to work for the jersey, then he may reach his best.

    Till then, my prediction is Stephen Myler. Watch this space.