Discussion in 'REME' started by TRAZTAZ, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Chaps after 22 years of what I can only describe as a whale of a time it has finished!!I have done and witnessed many many amazing things over this period, and wish any other leavers at this point the best of luck in the future, especially anyone who was Radfan or falklands 12.

    **** me is that 22 allready!!where did it go?? I remember turning up at depot and seeing guys with pick helfs and thinking is that to keep us in or others out!!

    Happy new year and happy new life!!


  2. Congratulations mate and all the best in your new life (you f*cking civvie c*nt ^_~ )
    As someone about to leave myself (although with a few years extra service), I wish you all the best in your new life. However, remember, you will never be a Civvy!!
  4. Falklands 12.....Sprog, all the very best and slipperman is right you will never be a civvy. Keep on ARRSING
  5. bye Traz

    pleasure working with you
    the beer and popcorn nights made Poland so much better hehehe

    keep in touch on FB
  6. Falklands 12 sprog back in 1988 id of been saying no ones got that long to do as you would of been on around the 450vma courses........why the bloody bell did I take those extra few years.....I could of been a long haired bearded civvy by now and spent my gratuity on ale.....well done for doing the 22 mate and good look to the future ..........I bet your not going to be a Vm when you get out though
  7. Best of luck pal.... not far behind you.

  8. Indeed. I left a couple of years ago and I am an ex-serviceman, not a civvy. All the best in your new career.
  9. You would not beleive it but I am working as a civvi mechanic for the army and have been since end of Oct!!
  10. I left 2 and a half years ago, my brother 18 years ago, but it is true.........neither of us will ever be a civvy. (I am trying quite hard though).
  11. 26 years since I left, just about to retire from second career, in all that time I have never felt 100% civvie.
    I still polish my shoes every day and shower and shave before work. It might not sound much but there are some scruffy mingers about.
  12. What bits do you now shave at your age :cool:

    Know what you mean though..........

    Edited to add; Good luck Traztaz with your new life. All the best HH
  13. Bluddy Pensioner, welcome to the life of the ex serviceman

    Cheers, Nobby
  14. Congrats scott, does this mean you'll be sat with mick as the token grumpy ex sgts at the jagdessen!
    Enjoy yourself you get to do the work, without the xtra- oh youre on duty this weekend, or scale A mess meeting tonight.

    Go grab a piggy to celebrate!
  15. Congrats, on getting out the other side taz, a life of ruining bambi's day awaits I'm sure.
    Cheers for all the help and nope I'm still not dead despite the deer hat!