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Been a member since Aug 2003 , just had a lockdown of my last post by Sixty as I am a dullard.

Thanks for the last 17 years had fun but Sixty the MOD thought better.

Have fun.


I had an O2 tag for the best part of a decade and they still couldn't get rid of me.

Mind you, that's cos I donated a tenner towards the site and I wanted to get my money's worth.
I remember that! Permanent O2 Thief you were called back in the good old days when mods threw their weight around with wild abandon because they could... :p :p :nod::nod::mrgreen:
The Good Old Days.jpg
Is it a real flounce?
Will he be back saying it was the booze talking? A joke? The COs won't delete his account (Copyright RGJbloke)? or some other **** excuse?
Well, he logged on at 0425 this morning...
The OPs semen must be weaker and more diluted than homeopathic "medicine"
Well, he logged on at 0425 this morning...
It should be vaguely interesting to see how the reversocycle is deployed.


You lot are missing him, I can see it in your posts, you're being brave,
behind the funny remarks I bet there are tears being shed on lots of Keyboards,
around the world


I'm gutted.
I will miss his highly informative posts on colours and soft furnishings.
This looks perfect for my piles, a bit itchy this week and there are tools to scratch the itch without getting shit in my finger.

There was a chap who was taken to A&E with a mortar round stuck in his rectum and treated very cautiously by the staff. Even more so when it was believed to be a live beast too which turned out to be the case.
His story was that it was a wartime souvenier and the perfect size & shape for pushing his piles back into their lair (the prescence of a large bunch of bumgrapes confirmed by the medics).
EOD dealt with the 'bomb' but I don't know whether they blew up his chalfonts too, their status is, as yet, unknown.

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds


Book Reviewer
He regularly tries to ban me, the left wing scumbag that he is, I just ignore him and carry on regardless. Remember, you can't fix stupid.

Yeah, that totally happened, Apprentice Pantaloons O'Flame.
If you're going to go, and you choose to announce it in a very public fashion, then for your own credibility you need to follow it through (or at least revisit the site without using your log-in!).

Last seen Today at 04:25

E2A: Apologies, missed this.

Well, he logged on at 0425 this morning...
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