Discussion in 'Officers' started by LAIT, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. After 22 years I've had enough.
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  2. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Why would a 2 Star in charge of a predominantly admin function need a combat medal? Does having a combat medal make you some how better at senior strategic management?
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  3. Guns, LAIT implies that the "covenant", the "brotherhood" if you will, is best served by those who are part of it: if you haven't been to war and shared that experience you can't fully serve those who you lead. I don't fully agree - but I do believe that having been there and done that, that it makes you a better, more understanding and even more loyal leader (rather than chief executive).
    LAIT, you seem to be where I was a few short years ago. The good will remain, the bad, the bullshit and the political jousting will soon fade. Good luck.
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  4. The Army is ****. It has ever been thus. Grip your overly emotional self.

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  5. If you put your clenched fist into a basin of water, and then remove it, the hole you leave is exactly how much the mob miss you on your departure. ie nothing, zip, nada, zero, zilch.

    We are none of us indispensable; prior to your departure, the MS Glasgow / RAF Manning / RN Appointers will have been sourcing an equally qualified and talented replacement. That's what they are paid to do.

    Arguably (and not having a dig at the OP), the future of HM Forces through the next 10-20yrs is likely to be tumultuous to put it mildly. The interests of the military, I'd offer, will be better served if those who are currently dissatisfied, uncomfortable with change and drawdown etc, make the leap for The Afterlife.
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  6. I feel the OPs pain. Somewhere along the line, things seem to have gone wrong. Not in the operational sense; the guys and girls now are, as always, some of the finest of their generation, but certainly with the leadership something is amiss.

    When did it suddenly become so necessary to bend the truth to achieve results?

    You probably know the sort of thing I'm alluding to; labelling a budget form as a "Corporate Lunch" so the lads can have a Christmas party, because the budgeteers won't accept "tradition" as a reason to fund something. Putting down a spurious "business reason" to get soldiers out on AT/Battlefield Tour/social event because otherwise the activity will be rejected by someone, somewhere, in the Ivory Towers more concerned with keeping within budget than doing the activities that keep our ethos alive.

    And before the plaintive cries of "Why should we pay for X, Y and Z?" start - because those activities directly affect morale, which directly affects Fighting Power. The Forces are an employer like no other (I keep hearing "unlimited liability"), and to place civilian constraints, management speak and general bull in the way does our soldiers a disservice.

    Why can't I be free of bureaucracy and lies to do the simplest function of an officer: To lead and keep soldiers trained, motivated and happy?
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  7. All the best LAIT, your post sums it all up, I left in 05 having done 22, feeling threaders and wishing I had done summat else.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Have you thought of putting speaking clock as a reason on your budget forms?
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  9. All the best in civvy street.
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  10. I get the feeling LAIT is a bit brassed off he hasn't been offered a job with Babcock/Serco/Capita.
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  11. Ah, I see...................... I thought that this was going to be another suicide drama from Kromeriz.
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  12. Like BratMedic said, all the best in civvy street.
    You might be in for a bit of a shock, mucker.
  13. If you want to ignore the point that's okay. If you want to suggest that we are not too employable, you're wrong chum. I can smugly state that you can, for once, choose your own path when you leave the green. Need the income? Get a grown up job. Fancy the alternative lifestyle? That's do-able. Want job satisfaction and still get a kick? There is a huge growth market in the hot spots market in vast areas of the world that will satisfy that itch - and you can salve your conscience at not having a noble purpose by banking the cheque each month. I have done the last thing and keep my morals and my conscience in a box that gets opened when I go on leave. in the meantime, I have a company that actually lets me get on and command - not lead or manage as they would wish it called, but command in the fashion that the army used to allow. Ironic to find the traits that the OP bewails the death of alive, well and in demand in the civvy sector.
  14. To your first point: Leadership.

    To your second: because by their very nature the Armed Forces need leadership and not 'senior strategic management'. MoD CS can provide the latter.
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  15. If you look at the RAF senior management, many of them have MBA's. This is what passes as Leadership in the hallowed ranks of the militant wing of Easyjet.
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