Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hottottie, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. I cannot u/s why there has been so much support for this bloke who is clearly intelligent enough to crack the CIAs computers - I'm sure they will work something out with him when he gets his orange suit and manacles on - like many he developes a diagnosed medical condition once he screws up (lots of our Govt employees do that & retire on grounds of ill-health on big pensions...suddenly to get well again).
    He did the crime, do the time - extraordinary how the Mail moves the moral goalposts when it is not a minority element.

    and why does he look 15 years older than his Mum ?
  2. And sleep.
  3. Because he looks like Patrick Swayze
  4. guy was an idiot.
    the secure passwords he cracked were errrrrr "password" :roll:
    the extradition treaty is effectivly one way :twisted:
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  8. The only 'crime' he did was making the fuckwits at the Pentagon look stupid.
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  10. Computer Misuse Act 1990; give it a google.
  11. Please go to to chat, please go to chat. Look into my eyes, go to chat.
  12. He scared me.

  13. Fine, then he could have and should have been charged here.

    He's a flyd with an obsessive/compulsive disorder. He'd just have been told to knock it off here and referred to Social Services.

    The Yanks are treating him like some suoerspy and being totally over the top,
  14. Quite. Unlike the Nat West three, who were extradited under the same arrangement, despite the fact that they had not actually comitted a crime, and were imprisoned by the yanks following what compares unfavourably to the sort of 'show trials' we used to see in communist countries - all this without any of the outcry we see for this sociopathic geek.
  15. If this bloke is such an international cyber terrorist, there would not be a public extradition trial; this would have been ‘ahem’ dealt with between the two countries?

    But what looks like some nerd, not the full ticket, and not on any agencies radar, wandered through the American dream defence system, looking for aliens?

    Sounds like someone in the US is mightily p1ssed and we rolled over for a good bit of PR in the channels of power in the US.