Goodbye to all that...

After 25 years' service I have finally been found out, and figuring it was jump or get pushed, went and got myself a proper job. So yesterday, I said my last farewells, and walked through the gate for the last time as a regular soldier. I've had a bloody marvellous time in REME and for all my adult life have managed to think and act like a seven year old, thanks to the corps. So huzzah to everyone who giggled along with me, and yar boo sucks to the wannabe grown-ups who never did understand why tig off ground should be an integral part of any tiffy course.

Thanks fellas it's been fun!

85 - 10.
Best of luck and good service, that man! I'm sure we'll see a LOT more of you on here now!
Good Luck! And when (not if) you get bored, join the TA - and choose if you want to go on Ops again :)
Already looking into it... By the way, that is by far and away the funniest avatar I've seen.
25 years is a long time. Best and worst moments?
Lots of great times, prefer not to dwell on the bad bits. Rose tinted is the the way ahead for reminiscence!
Good on you, I also joined in 85 and decided that it was time to jump ship last year, best move that I ever made but I wouldn't change a thing about the fantastic times that I had!
Do what I did for a couple of months. Grow a wild bushy beard safe in the knowledge that no cnut is going to say "Get a shave you 'orrible little man!"

I decided mine needed trimming when I got offers for work as a Brian Blessed-o-Gram!
How to get a bunny, 'Extremely unprofessional soldier (31) soon to be back from the font, seeks new position to fortify. Has own entrenching tool,
Gundog - I've just shaved off the beard; guess I'm institutionalised, because it just didn't feel right. As for growing up, to paraphrase what an old friend once said whilst nicking the US Ambassador's car pennant, I didn't get where I am today by growing up!

HHB, Bluebells is referring to an old claim to fame of mine; to whit: a personals ad in Private Eye that led to me not banging Gary Numan's no-neck, one-leg sister. A long and unbelievably true story... The spelling misteak is all his own work - I used to have to proof read for him! Anyway Bb, how's Arborfield? London's fun to work in and relieving to commute out of!
Themanwho, it is the greatest story ever told. Will you let me publish it?
‘ Number one: Freya, a thirty two year old charity director, living in Nuneaton. (Pink blouse)
I have tried some of T K Rae’s iambic pentameter poetry in Arrse chat and confirmed why a publishing deal never worked.

‘Depression is a blanket, made up of black and grey’
That blots out all you happiness and all the day.
Bb, you have my full permission to publish and be damned (as you certainly will be). If it comes to pass that The Greatest Story Ever Told becomes part of a training precis, I want a cut of the proceeds... However, I think we can both agree that the works of TK Rae should remain a dirty little secret for the sake of all mankind...
How to get a bunny, 'Extremely unprofessional soldier (31) soon to be back from the font, seeks new position to fortify. Has own entrenching tool,
An ad inspired by 'Knight, 32, in Bosnia. Armour (amour?) going rusty, seeks maiden to help with helmet-polishing.'

Goin' underground...

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