Goodbye Scottish Air Gunners!!

With more powers being devolved to Scotland, Salmond is back on his crusade to ban airguns.

He now has the power to do it, he has said he will do it, I don't see a reason why he won't go through with it.

No thought to the likes of myself that use airgins to control pests on my small holding. No thought to the thousands of farmers, smallholders etc that genuinely need a method of pest control.

He comes from a farming community..he really should know better!!

Rant over...for now! :x
I'd be interested to hear where the SNP propose baning airguns. All I can find is this proposal on their website:

All persons who sell air weapons or ammunition would require a licence which sets certain obligations for the retailer:
•Retailers would require proof of identity; proof of age and proof of address of the purchaser before selling an air weapon.
•A register of all air weapon and ammunition transactions must be kept. * The register would include all information on the retailer, the purchaser and the air weapon itself. The police would have full access to the register.
•Each airgun sold would have a unique code for easy identification by the police. * A 'cooling off' period of, for example, 24 hours between the purchasers initial approach and the completion of the transaction would be introduced.
•The licence would have a predetermined lifespan of three to five years before being renewed.

I suggest that the outrage bus be returned to MT?
It is a reserved power for the UK government, until the Calman report is implemented in full, which it won't be, the fishy windbag can spout as much as he likes.l


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Might they not just license it like they did for the precharged air pistols?

That might go a long wy to sorting out the dodgy ownership by crims, neds and chavscum.
The thing that concerns me is when, not if, will this be applied to England and Wales.
I have always been surprised that air rifles and air pistols are not "on ticket" of some sort.
I should have thought that it is only a matter of time
..... and a bit more trolling on the SNP site gets you Nicola Sturgeon calling for controls on who can own an airgun and where they can be used - still nothing that looks like an outright ban.

Anything they do propose will need to take into account that ther are umpteen thousand out there now under no control at all. A retrospective licensing would be near impossible .
...and there was me thinking you were bemoaning the rerole of 105 AD Regt RA(V) to Light Gun...

(The wife is going to be annoyed, having to add her air rifle to her FAC)

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