Goodbye Mr. Sun...until next year.


War Hero
Morning All,
My last sunset of 2019.
Anybody else taking the same photo'., from places Worldwide?
All the very best to you lot for next year and beyond.
Bring it on! :headbang::frustrated::censored:


I live in Wales. We don't have any of that namby-pamby sunlight nonsense around here.
Which is just as well, given the Welsh predilection for sacrificing a virgin every time the sun appears.

Coupled with the complete lack of virgins in Wales.
There are legions of virgins in Wales.

Some of them dress as Orcs on the weekend.
To make themselves look more attractive presumably?
This 12 year old Glenlivit is very good. Time for another "small" splash...

In the highly likely event that I'll be comatosely horizontal before midnight, happy new year tossers :drunken::drunken::drunken::drunken::drunken:
To make themselves look more attractive presumably?
No, it's to maintain combat effectiveness, combat readiness and defence capability.
The whole point of Orcs is you want to do battle with them, not bend one over a fallen tree outside Castle Coch mid-February and **** him/her senseless in the rain.

Being a Level 12 Orc Warrior, or a member of the Airsoft Elite Unit, is about perishable skills. Use it or lose it.
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