Goodbye Mr Foreskin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pielover, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Recently I managed to snap my banjo string whist earning my brown wings. To cut a long story short I now have to have a certain Jewish operation perfomed on Mini-Pielover.
    Any fellow arrsers had to have their privates mutilated after hetero tiger behaivoir? Does it hurt as much as I expect it to? Can I expect to be even more of a love god once my bell end is permanently exposed?

    Also, I need to know if I can keep the discarded bit, I think it would make an ace keyring once it's dried out...Anyone?
  2. I have a box full of them at home - keepsakes ya know.
  3. 8O Did they keep growing back?

    Am i right in thinking that you have some sort of "Lizard willy." :?

  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    .....its no skin off my nose mate.
  5. Bit of a tight fit eh? :oops: I'm sure the 8 year old boy was unimpressed! :cry: Try older men, Naafi barmaids etc next time.
  6. Was it with your wife or long term partner if so how does she explain your predicament to parents friends etc? Do tell
  7. A Naafi barmaid! You're joking mate, I would imagine that most of them would have a rusty bullet hole like a tattered winddsock - no risk of frenulum snappage!

    I'm not really into sodomising young boys, I prefer to beat them to death before eating their liver with baked beans and a cheap bottle of netto plonk.
  8. edited due to Mlaaaarrr double post
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I had it done about 5 year's ago. It's sooo painful afterward's it's like sticking your knob in acid! The 'rim' under the helmet is stitched all the way around,the knob turns blue with bruises,Your ball swell up,peeing is excruciatingly painful & you can only shuffle along like Steptoe on a zimmer frame!
    (It took me 20 min to walk from the front of Dundonald Out Patients to the Upper N/Ards Rd by-pass,about 200yds)
    Oh,and for some reason you're horny as f*ck all the time (must be the Nurses!) Problem is you start to get a lob on then you get pain from the stitches starting to rip....
    After about a month when you can root again & when you do 'fire at will :D Bliss!!
    One bit of bad news.....You loose about 1 inch... 8O
    Hope this help's.

    Oh,they wont let you keep the off-cuts.
  10. You big fanny. You're only losing a bit of your schlong.

    How do you think Legs feels? It's going to lose the whole lot.
  11. Loose an inch! Feck that almost takes me into minus figures!!!!

    (not realy, i'm hung like a cart horse, honest!)
  12. Once dried out it will make a rather unusual index finger ring.

    Mind you, I use mine as a bangle :wink:
  13. Yeah but I don't want to be a pseudo-tart!
  14. I *ahem coughs loudly* know of someone who suffered the same experience and had exactly the same treatment.

    Hurts like feck, and this means it really hurts, you get a rather stretchy sensation every time you get wood for a fair while afterwards and your swingers tighten up a bit - until the swelling subsides.

    Problem is the sensitive nerve endings on the bell end get raw when exposed a great deal, and without a skin pullover, the exposed bell end chafes against everything and eventually becomes desensitised. The upside to that is increased staying power, and the streamilned look is quite admired by the recipient. "More like a sports car than a saloon" was a comment someone else said.

    It all nomalises after a while, but can take from months to even years.

    Of course, all this is naturally second hand information....

    Anyway, serves you right for dry bumming, fa**y batter isn't sufficient lubrication, stick to KY or even the odd tub of "I can't believe It's Not Knob Lard" or whatever.

    Hope it all comes off ok, though :twisted:
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Some posters on here would pay good money for that...