Goodbye KOHIMA Troop 11SR

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by blagger, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Sat here bored reading threads about some TA waller joining up and thought i would start my own pointless thread! I know the Bull140 has done one before but hey, that was yesterdays news! So here's the story......Kohima Troop, 1 Sqn, 11SR has now disbanded! Ahhh poor kids! Just thought i would let you know how touched i was to see a picture of the CO handing over the sqn penant to a sprog the other day and it brought a tear to my eye! Anyone out there who used to work at the above or still does even though it has a different title please get in touch so we can mourn together! :cry:

    Bless you all Kohima Troop

  2. What's happening to all the SATTs now then?? :?:
  3. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Everyone in the Corp must have spent time in that Troop...shame to see it go.

    23c +
  4. Was in Kohima Troop in 1976 June to Feb 77 at Ouston when it changed from 12 Troop to Kohima. Jock Rodgers and Dave Prinn Tp Sgts, both mad as a box of frogs.
  5. Nice to hear from a fellow 'Ouston Boy'. My time was '83 but in Kukri Troop under Bri Tanner, Joe Fettini, Wilki, and the sadly missed Dave Albone. Any other Kukri boy's out there?
  6. Fond memories of getting the liberty bus into Newcastle on a Saturday afternoon after hours on the drill square. Inspected at the guardroom and made to wear ties with our civvies and booking back into camp trying to act like we were sober.
    I think we were only the second intake at Ouston and spent hours in the blocks scraping paint off the lino with jackknives and bumpering it up.
    Lads who I recall were in my Troop were Bryan Alexander, Steve Begg, Mark? Bastow, John Osbourne....sad I cant remember more names.
  7. I was in Kohima troop at the same time, 12 Troop then Kohima, Montages etc. Have not seen either Jock (School of sigs about 6 years later) or Dave at all, since.
  8. Mr Booth, went missing one night, we were all scouring the airfield for him, Baggy Bagnall, as for the bus trip to town, Cordwainers and the Star, them being about the only place most of us could get a beer.
  9. 10 year thread resurrection... Impressive skills on the search button...