Goodbye Arborfield... hello St Athan

Discussion in 'REME' started by circus_24_rodeo, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Further to the above

    quote from the site;

    What type of training will take place at the Defence Training Academy?

    The Academy will provide technical training to all the armed services - the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The areas of specialist training include three engineering disciplines (aeronautical, electro-mechanical and communications / IT), logistics training, languages, intelligence and photography. Servicemen and women will come to the Academy once they have successfully completed their basic training. The Academy will also provide career development courses and 'refresher' courses for all three services.
  2. VT get the brief at 1230 hours today at Bordon.
    P45 anyone?
  3. Ok so it looks as if its almost certain..........But what about Recovery training, is that going to stay at Bordon???? As Far as I was aware it was never decided if any other sites where good enough for it !!!!
  4. Not wishing to wee on anyones bonfire but 'Midlands Today' last night and this morning were also talking up the hopes of it coming to RAF Cosford. I guess it will all boil down to who's MP lobbies hardest.
  5. The slab is as good as you are gonna get anywhere for Recy Meching. Foden on Barry Island beach aint an option. So the Dvr Trg (A Fleet) and Recy will stay at Bordon.
    (That is of course just my tuppence worth)
  6. personally i hope it comes to cosford but no doubt the poly-ticians will give in to welsh pressure about being a poor relation and not look at whats good for the whole forces network.
    central england seems a good place for it and cosford is already a superb training establishment with great road access but hey!! lets give it to the welsh ! id rather give them independance and none of my taxes
  7. I've heard that they could not sell off Arborfield anyway since, when they looked at the legal paperwork, it actually belonged to someone else and REME had been paying a peppercorn rent since first occupation ! So the Corps ain't going anywhere.
  8. the Defence Catering School (or whatever they're called ) are scheduled to be leaving St Omer Bks sometime soon, and their QM has already got the keys to a part of the Arborfield camp.
  9. RAF Cosford is the preferred site for Tri-service Avionics and Aeronautical training, so I'm led to believe.
  10. Perhaps after having been in England for so long it's time Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland had a turn. And as for recovery training , surely it's not a million miles from St Asaph to the Brecon Beacons which should provide enough recovery obstacles to keep them busy.
  11. Wrong again. St Athan.
  12. St Asaph is in the North me old pal
  13. I will be glad to be rid of Arborfield as a corps "home". For singlies, the block there is abismal. The Sgts Mess has wallpaper that in part was put up by holding platoon in the mid 90's with flour & water!!!

    I believe training will be much improved in the new camp - of course, after initial teething problems. I welcome the move.
  14. Of course it is. I was along Conway today and it was on my mind.