Goodbye 40 Regiment Royal Artillery....

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LAIT, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Edited.
  2. If fairness as they are in NI then the chances are retention would have fallen through the floor and soon there would have been no-one there anyway!

    Apart from lads native to Northern Ireland, who the fcuk would want to be stationed there for their entire army career? The place is a turdhole with crap weather, annoying accents on the locals (most of whom know more about inbreeding than Thetford people), and a surging risk of terrorist attacks which is being studiously ignored by the political elite in London. Apart from a couple of rifle ranges, is there a single area in Northern Ireland that can be used for training (apart from going out on infantry patrols through the villages with live ammo and full armour)? I wasn't aware of anything suitable for playing with Guns.

    Edited to ask: why can I not use the word E L I T E without it turning into some turdburgling hyperlink to some shitty shop?
  3. After recently talking to a few of the seniors from 40 the other week, the news that they're been binned will be like all their Christmases coming at once. To a man, the lads hate Ireland and the restrictions been posted there involve. All they could talk about was putting their postings in to a UK based unit and being able to have a life again.
  4. I agree 40 look like they may lets see what happens
  5. Looks like there's hard time ahead for The Royal Regt, if my source is correct. Two CS Regts going, two AD Regts to merge and we'll need plenty of GX279 for the AS90s. Watch out for a bunfight between 26 & 3rd for the right not to join 40s exit stage left.

    Expect Inf & CAV to take a shoe'ing too. And delete AT, insert J(ungle)T.
  6. If that's the case, then it will be 26. Every time an RHA regiment is 'threatened', an RA regiment suffers! This was one of the reasons that 3 RHA and 19 RA Arms Plotted between Topcliffe and Colchester!
  7. Well observed. From your Imjin avatar I'm assuming you're Ex 170; so you'll be familiar with 1990's 45/3 RHA Colchester - Paderborn Arms plot. And the post-options fate of 45 thereafter.
  8. Not quite, I'm ex 25 Bty. 170 were amalgamated with us. 25 Bty always had the Bengal Tiger and this was the closest I could find at the time. Some good lads in what was 170 Bty and there was a bit of rivalry at the start, but we soon got on with being 25/170 Bty.

    When it became clear that whoever was stationed in Colchester, had to lose a gun bty and be in the airmobile role, two things happened. The first, was that it was made clear that in no way would 3 RHA lose a bty and second, that our CO as his parting gesture, pushed for us to remain in the airmobile role, as we had been in it since it's inception with 6 AMB! We inherited a TA bty (269?) based in Leeds to make up for the missing gun bty, quite how that was to work once we moved to Colchester was never really thought out!
  9. I used to be in 40 Field RA / 38 Bty RA. How I ended up in the Lowland Gunners was a mystery to me being a Southerner (Oi shut it !!!) but i'll still be sad to see the Regiment go if thats going to happen?

    Is there any facts behind this thread because the results of the SDSR aren't known yet or just a guess ?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    have to add something for the minimum chars bllx.

    More likely to be the Rapier regiments (16 & ? (sorry forgotten)) the other 12 and 47 have taken on UAV as well as HVM, and UAV is likely to be needed for quite some time to come.
  11. There is only one rapier regiment. 16.

    22 went a few years ago.

    12 and 47 operate the same equipment, and are both on Thorney island. seems perfect for a merger.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    One Regt on continuous Ops? that'll go down well with the families (even if it's done as a Bty rotation).
  13. Back in the good old days (of the cold war) when 45 were in Colly, 269 Bty were our (war strength) forth Bty. Not much in it from Leeds, or Colly to Sennybridge, but (they're) much closer to Otterburn. A role will remain in Colchester, I have no doubt. But who's best placed to fulfill it? I expect there're some very worried people at 3rd.
  14. That's the two names I heard mentioned.
  15. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    In that case, ditch 16 (give the rapier to the crabs), and if anything expand/enhance 12 and 47. Keep them separate, and then operational commitments might just be met. Merging them, and keeping 16, makes no sense.