Goodbye 33,34 and 35 SR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    and 12 Sig Gp, who did a great job to fight your corner </sarcasm>
  2. Ha you beat me to it!!!
  3. Anyone got any more information on the above or a relevant linky? Thanks
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. I am really very sad to see 33 Sigs go. Decent bunch of blokes.

    Less worried about 34 and 35 - bunch of crackpots who couldn't communicate with the man sat next to them.
  6. Cheers Bazz, you're a cnut
  7. I see. I thought they were going Falcon/Cormorant once they have sorted out which reg unit were going to adopt them?
  8. Where's my bezza mate polar ?
  9. The only cnuts I ever encountered were from 33.

    But let's not turn it into a pissing contest, we all know who the boss mans favourite were.

    Does anyone have any idea what they're likely to do with us now?
  10. Strangely, we bought that crap as well. Oh how we can look back and laugh at ourselves now.
  11. Not the detail but this might be helpful,000+after+Treasury+cuts/

  12. It'll be a shame to see components of 33 Sigs disappear. Hopefully the decent guys will choose to stay in the TA and share their quality and experience with which ever unit they decide to join.
  13. Just heard this. Given the fact that these three Regiments are getting the chop, surely some Sig Unit must move in to cover their footprint.....

    More to the point, what about the regular units these guys support. They will STILL need the support so surely instead of the whole lot going, we could reduce it down to a Regiment?

    That is what I hope anyway.

    As mentioned above, hopefully, we don't end up re-forming these Regiments when the new kit comes in. As one of the reasons given on BFBS for their demise was their outdated equipment and skillsets!!!!
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Were the others weak leadership and pig headed ignorance in the face of undeniable facts?
  15. What I love most about this, is that the chain of command didn't get a chance to brief those their respective Sqn OC's etc. So whoosh... 1:30pm on a Tuesday (that's a drill night for many of us Mr Brown), we have to get a salient act together so when our guys ask us what's the deal? What's the future? Who's next and all those pertinent questions, we can actually put an answer together which is a bit more than "Wait out". :?

    I mean for Chr$st sake this review's been going on for a year nigh, couldn't CGS let the smegging chain of command know in the R Signals units, instead of my CO having to get something out damn quick today and then us having to disseminate? Concept of warning order? You know intent, main effort? Maybe?

    FFS. Increase the tempo of ops? And cut back? :x