Gooday all Howz it going

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BRUCE, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Carn,t find where to say allo i,m new so i,ll do it here :lol:
    I searved with 10 reg in Germany & N.I.
    Then came back to Australia & played in there Army :twisted:
    See you around...Oggy Oggy Oggy
  2. g-day bruce, put another shrimp on the barbie.
    welcome to ARRSE , enjoy the site mate you'il run into some right characters and probably get plenty of abuse to boot.
    you'il probably pick up some tips if needed and enjoy some of the banter from the days in the british army.
    enjoy mate
  3. Judging by your post, I'm guessing that you mean 10 Regt RCT..............??

    You were warned to take some shit, weren't you..??
  4. Where in Aus are you mate?
    I did some time at 7 Sigs (EW) in Toowoomba. I have to say that that places sh*ts all over Bielefeld.
  5. Thx for the welcome yes it waz 10 reg rct, i,m near Childers got 10 acres in the Bush.
    In Queensland 8)
  6. 10 achers in the bush, eh??!! Feck me, Bruce, I'm impressed!! Whose bush, BTW?? Kate? Shepherds?
  7. Anya's. It goes as far as the eye can see be all accounts. It's also like the desert. Large, dry and smelly.
  8. Hi Bruce, hope you have lots of fun :lol:
  9. Kates BUSH :lol:
    Hey Biscuit head you talking about Aldershot 8)
  10. ^
    I see from your signature that you maybe a biker..........what do you ride?
    As I am very, VERY old, I can no longer get me knee down so I have to make do with a Suzuki LS 650 Savage - it sounds like a sewing machine but bllx to it: at least I'm on 2 wheels!
  11. Gooday Grumpy old man good to hear from ya.
    I got a 2ooo softail Harley tried to put a pic on
    here but taking all day will try later.
  12. Dribble!
    I've got a spam mate over here who has imported the 05 Ltd's a bit of a hair dresser's bike for me, but..............damn! that motor burbles!
  14. Nope, I was talking about a fat womans bush.
  15. Been through Childers. Thats where the big backpackers fire was ? Came through on the way back from Rocky, been to Great Keppel Island. BTW your bike is a gay one ! I ride a Kwaka 636 Ninja, although on reflection, I'd probably buy a Harley if I lived in Aus because of your traffic police nazi's