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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Osh, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Osh


    Evening all,

    Please can I share this with you?

    I am involved in a business that was recently a partner with Armed Services Day and we have identified a possible position for someone to join our team.

    It’s an unusual position – we need someone who is good with a keyboard, who really understands service life, is literate (having read a lot of the other threads I can feel the jokes peeling off your keyboards already!) and can communicate progress on projects across the internet on a daily basis.

    More importantly, this job could be ideal for someone that our wonderful society, so far, have not helped that much. Being blunt – it is currently illegal for me to advertise for someone who is disabled but this role could very well suit someone who has been injured in service and is struggling to get a job because of their injuries.
    Providing the person can type and knows how to get a message across then we’d be happy to talk with him or her.

    Ideally the job would start at some point in September; the successful person would work from home and would just need their own computer and home internet connection.

    If you know anyone who is interested please would you ask the to contact me direct –

    This is the first of several roles that we will be looking to fill this year (2010) – sorry for the cryptic style at the moment but this is very early on in the process – looking forward to sharing more in future...


    (great site!)
  3. Osh,

    Send Whet a PM, it sounds right up his street.

  4. Email sent last week, please can you confirm reciept by return mail?