Good Wax Cotton Jacket for Shooting

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by AlarmClock, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. I'd like a good Wax Cotton jacket for shooting etc. I've had a look at the Barbour website and they have plenty of coats but they all look the same.

    What would you recommend?

    ps. I am not called Rupert, have a Volvo or a labrador!
  2. Alarmclock

    I've been shooting/deerstalking most of my life, and frankly I wouldn't advise a waxed cotton coat of any kind. In my experience they are heavy, cold and do not breath in any way.

    For roe stalking, I use an SAS windproof, whilst for other shoooitng in cold weather I have a Barbour cordura jacket, and for warmer weather I use a "Deer Hunter" coat with a breathable liner.

    OK, I know the use of service-issue kit for civvy purposes is frowned upon, but my windproof smock is one of the best bits of shooting kit i've ever had - along with many norgies - but the other two coats are excellent.
  3. I'm assuming he's an officer, and as such will need to wear tweed, brogues, cords and a tie to compliment his wax jacket.

    It's the law.
  4. I agree with Plastic squaddie, by far one of the best shooting stalking jacket is the Windproof with a decent fleece / aircrew rollneck underneath.

    I never turn up at the range wearing it, that would be sad, but kept in a day sack and not putting it on until yoru detail or your off stalking you will avoid looking a cheddar
  5. Reason I ask is I went beating in my civvie GoreTex on the weekend and the brambles tore the fck out of it. Need a coat that would stand up to allsorts, and I don't mean licorice.

    Would the cordura be good for that or is wax cotton the best?

  6. When i go hunting grouse i wear lightweights, pro boots, a norgy shirt and a para smock. If it rains i wear my old CS95 gary goretex. It's good kit, i used it all my adult life when i was in and it does the job now out in the boonies as a civvy. No point in binning good kit just to buy civvy stuff.
  7. This guy talks sense.

    Despite what I said before about waxproofs - they are probably the best thing if your going through really shite undercover like brambles etc. The Barbour cordura I have would easily take that sort of treatment, but it cost too much! :wink:

    If you're not going to organised shoots - i.e. RangeRovers, Labradors and silly accents, use your issue kit - it's still the best.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Gary goretex last forever on a grouse moor. On a sedge bog with Hawthorn and brambles then even my old Barbour durham has been shredded. Lowland beating takes it out of your kit. I still wear my durham because there is little damage left to commit if you know what I mean. The real answer is buy a psycho springer bitch from me and she'll do all the cover that you cant even see through let alone crawl under. My beating involves at least 4 spaniels sometimes 6 and both of my kids. The kids do the flanking with poly flags and the dogs do the cover with me. I also get to be back gun. The £60 + I get in tips covers the dog food, petrol and lads pocket money. Buy a dog get it trained and you'll never be short of good shooting.[​IMG]
  9. Yup. I have 2 Gordon Setter bitches. Fantastic bird dogs. A real buzz when you and your dog work well together as a team and a good day in the hills is rewarded with something for sunday lunch! just watch out for the shot or you'll break a tooth :lol:
  10. Some of us should met up - I'll show you what a German shorthair can do!
  11. Are you a dog, old boy?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have access to 300 acres in sussex for walked up but if you want you are welcome for a days beating/back gunning next season in Hampshire!
  13. Ta for that - maybe nearer the time. Dog is up for it but I'm well past anything beyond walking alongside a lake - on a firm path - on a sunny day - with a good stick - possibly have to be drunk as well.
  14. Unfortunately I'm currently dog-less having lost my German Wirehaired Pointer last year, and not yet replaced her.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Plenty of spaniels available!