Good walking routes around Snowdon

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by plant_life, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Am going walking in Swondonia in a months time. I'm after some good challenging routes around Trevan or Crib Goch which can be done with a bergan on. Any help/advice ver welcome.
  2. Pyg and Miners Tracks are good.

    Use this link: LINK

    Have a good time
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    All depends on how far you want to go and where you want to start and finish.

    I did a 3 day hike from Bethesda to Llanberis (I was about 14 so may be a 2 days hike now). Basically down the valley to the bottom of the Glyders. Up over the Glyders and down to the base of Snowdon. Then up to pen-y-pas youth hostel and up the Miners track (you could do the pyg track up via Crib Goch) and then down into Beddgelert and along the valley toi Llanberis.

    I know the area pretty well (having been there since the age of 3 hiking with my Dad) so feel free to fire some start/end places and distances/interests and i'll see if i can suggest some places.

    If you want to avoid the toursists, there are some routes up the Carnedds and Glyders that are much less walked. And if you want a scramble then the north face of Tryfan is good or up Twll Ddu.

  4. Want to do something off the main tracks where possible. The miners track is a bit too motorway for me. Is it fesible to be able to do tryfan and crib goch in the same day. Am a bit limitted on time as I finish about 4ish on the Friday at Chatham (Maidstone way) and need to get up there, walk and get back down for a reasonable time on Sunday night.
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Problem you'll have is gettingback to your start point...unless you have 2 cars.

    If you have 2 cars then park one at Pen-y-pass (early..and the bugger who charges you will probably be there) or the bottom of one of the other tracks off Snowdon.

    The drive round the Tryfan, you can park at the bottom alongside the road (don't go as far as the youth hostel it's too far). I'd then suggest hitting the north side of Tryfan straight up (it's shorter than Heather terrace, the east side, but a bit of a scramble), get to the top of Tryfan. Do Adam and Eve (without the Burgen) and then head off to the saddle in the Glyders. Drop down the far side and head up the road to Pen-y-pas. Good pub at the bottom of the pass for lunch (it was a year of so back anyway), then up the road to the start of the Pyg track.

    Up the Pyg track, divert up Crib Goch and then back down to whereever the car is parked.

    It'll be a long route, but I have done both individually in half a day (snowdon up and down is do-able in 4 hours, tryfan from the bottom to the other side of the Glyders is about 3, then an hour in the middle).

    Other option is one Saturday (Snowdon for preference), then Tryfan on the Sunday as it is shorter but probably a harder climb.

    Obviously I assume you're pretty experienced in these things, but don't try Crib Goch if it is wet or windy. Adam and Eve is good for the soul but again not if wet or windy.


  6. Am reasonabley experianced in hill walking etc but living in Bulford you're kinda stuck as to where to go. Thanks a lot, that sounds like a good route. I think my mate is on ablout basha'ing up by the devil's kitchen. I think so long as we leave by about two or three ish on the Sunday we should be squared. Can you think of any routes that could include the said basha point?
  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Devils Kitchen (Twll Ddu) is next to a little lake called Llyn Idwal. Very good rock climbing next to the lake on the Idwal Slabs.

    Basha points are difficult...anywhere above 1000ft in NT property is fine, and I'm not sure on the level of Idwal.

    It's not far from Tryfan, so unless there is a specific need to be near Twll Ddu then I'd suggest heading closer to Tryfan. Basically park at the same place (either along the road or at the Youth Hostel) and head up the main path, divert off to the east (rather than west to Idwal) and find somewhere at the base of Tryfan. You can probably stop near another lake (llyn Bochlwyd I think) which is on the main route, and is at the south west corner of Tryfan.

    Basically would take a chunk out of your climb up Tryfan, but you wouldn't be able to take the North face up.

    If you want to stay by the Kitchen then you could head up it (it's a tough scramble especially with a full pack on) and then head over the Glyders, if you were doing one day on Tryfan, then you could carry onto Tryfan and down to the car then onto Snowdon the next day. Otherwise miss out Tryfan and head down to Snowdon the way I described from Tryfan...but obviously without doing Tryfan.

    I'm not far from you (working at Boscombe) so if you want a pointer on a map give me a shout PM.

  8. Leave the chainsaw at home, try these links to wet your appettite!!

    weather forecast 3 day

    and if the shit hits the fan

    Theres also a site that gives details of crashed planes in the area that will take you off the beaten track and sharpen your Nav!!

    If you only have one car the sherpa buses are an alternative to walking on roads but check times etc from tourist info at Betws Y Coed

    Enjoy and dont forget your Goretex/Barrack dress!!!!
  9. There's always the 14 Peaks - all 14 peaks in Snowdonia above 3000 ft, in 24 hours.

    One route is to start at Pen-Y-Pass, then Crib Goch, Crib y Ddysgl, Snowdon, down through Derlwyn and across the A4086, up Elidir Fawr, then Y Garn, through the Devil's Kitchen, the Glyders and Tryfan, around Llyn Ogwen and across the A5, up Pen Yr Ole Wen, along the ridge to Cardnedd Dafydd and Carnedd Llewellyn; from there, you head out along the spur to Yr Elen, then back to Carnedd Llewellyn, and then carry along the ridge to Foel Grach, Garnedd Uchaf, Foel Fras (that's the 14 done) and down over the Drum towards Abergwyngregyn, where you meet up with a road and can arrange a pick up (there's a taxi available that does pick ups all night).

    It can be done in 24 hours; alternatively, take three or four days over it, if you have the time.

  10. Now that sounds like a challenge. Is there any possibility of giving me some grid refernences so I can plan a route card and show my mate. I'm not going to take the chain saw with me!!
  11. Thanks a lot. You've all be a great help.
  12. Don't forget the CROW Act comes into force on the 28th of May in Wales, this is the right to roam Act, and it affects Snowdonia quite a lot, you won't have to stick to tracks in future.

    Where you can roam will be marked on new 1:25 000 scale maps of the area.
  13. Cheers for that. I was under the impression that you you mince arounce pretty much anywhere in Snowdonia when it came to the mountains with it being a national park.
  14. Holy crap, just done the grids for that. the last three check points are off my map. It looks emotional!!