Good video about USMC Officers Selection Course

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I showed this to the students at my uni who are interested in the USMC officer programs and thought it was pretty good. Our UK friends may also be interested to know that the physical fitness program and tests are largely concocted by RM PTIs who are permanent members of the staff (a regular exchange tour).

  2. Is the PTI on OCS still a Brit?
  3. He was 2 years ago as I recall
    unsure if still is
  4. Good to hear, that must have been going for 30+ years now. Seems to stick in the mind of all the USMC officers that I've worked with - I wonder why!
  5. Why do they only recruit bald people?
  6. Pffft!! :wink: You can dick around with your junior college if you like in the Marines, but proper officers are made at the Point. :wink: :p :p


  7. Jarhead, forgive my ignorance, but don't some USMC Officers come from the US Naval Academy as well as OCS?
  8. Officers made at a university??
  9. Awesome IO as always from the Corps. Happy belated birthday.
  10. Yes they do. Also from the several Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps units (midshipmen in those units can select the USMC instead of the USN upon commissioning). They, however, also go through a "Bulldog" 6 week session at OCS in the summer between their 3rd and 4th years to get the required USMC "innoculation." To my knowledge, no USMC officer (except the very few who do an interservice transfer after being commissioned) gets commissioned now without having spent at least 6 weeks at OCS.

    After commissioning, ALL (whether ground or aviation, combat arms or staff and even the lawyers) attend The Basic School--a rigorous 6 month course that melds them all together in the same mold. In case you have not noticed, the USMC is very big on a uniform process to change civilians into Marines and there are no short cuts or end runs.
  11. With that belief, your avatar picture is most appropriate! "Moe, Larry, cheese!" "Yuck Yuck Yuck" :D
  12. Jumpinjarhead, what about the female USMC officers? I ask out of interest, as the USMC is obviously very diff from the RM in that particular way.
  13. They go through selection separately and then are integrated into The Basic School. They fill all military occupational fields except ground combat ones (infantry, artillery and armor).

    Article on Women Marrines