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Good Verdict

Excellent! I am a great believer in the punishment fitting the crime. Now let me think; any starters for ten on the right punishment for the following crimes recently committed in the UK:
1. Young scrotes vandalising water bowsers in the flooded areas of Gloucestershire.
2. Scum blocking the path of an ambulance resulting in the death of a pensioner.
3. 17 year old girl who stamped on the hands of a mentally handicapped man who was forced to hang from a 100ft vidauct, resulting in him falling to his death.
I could go on, but you get the idea. Perhaps if we had more judges like this astute chap in the States, some of the nastier elements of humanity might just take stock and think of the consequences of their actions, particularly if they were publically humiliated and made to pay something back to society as a whole.
Sound of pig wings flapping overhead.........

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