Good up to date documentary

With the likes of "driving school" and "road warriors" stealing the show in the way of HERRICK and modern day Army documentarys I think it makes a change for a decent one to be broadcasted. I remember watching this around this time last year just after OP HERRICK 11 and I think it is a brilliant up to date documentary on the current situation in Afghanistan.

The recent documentarys in my opinion without causing offence have portrayed the army as a bit of a joke and in some ways unprofessional. This is a good break from the usual dribble.

Its in 4 parts.

YouTube - Life with the Green Howards 1/4
Its a good programme. However its not really up to date with Afghan at the moment. This was just a start of the american serge of 30,000 marines. Only downside not a lot of contacts in it to be fair. I liked the greande scene though :eye:

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