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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vegetius, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. I am doing a bit of training for a fitness test. I am also a lazy knacker who hates exercise, especially running. And I'm carrying a residual ankle sprain injury. However, this isn't a Training Wing question, it's a kit question.

    I've decide that before I start running properly again I'm going to do a bit of walking/ tabbing type training with a day-sack full of books first to build up my endurance and lose some weight. Also, as a form of exercise I enjoy it more and there's loads of nice places for me to amble around near chez Veg. This is to be combined with a couple of gentle gymnasium visits a week.

    So, bearing in mind it's a while since I've done anything like this can anybody recommend some good cross-training type boots or trainers that are comfortable and will support my ankle properly? I don't want great hulking army boots (I've a pair of Danners in the loft, don't think they'll do).

    Cheers in advance for any advice.

  2. try run and become in Palmer Street (St James' Park) they watch you jog up the road then fit the shoes to the way you run. They are very helpful - worth the embarrassment of people staring at you as they stroll past!
  3. Go to a specialist trainers shop that will put you on a treadmill to see where you need support. They'll sort you out.
  4. I've always found the plastic sandals which are sold for around a quid at any beach front retail outlet in the country, to be rather comfy.

    They were unfortunately invented by a Frenchman, someone called Phillipe Pholop I believe.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A top recommendation from Poppy, I've been buying running shoes/trainers from them for 20 years and they've always delivered the goods. Additionally, there are two other benefits for Vegetius from shopping there: firstly, the shop is owned by Buddhists who will help to improve his karma; secondly, it's just around the corner from New Scotland Yard, so he can pop in for a brew and a natter with Sir Ian Blair, gaining some handy face time with the big boss.

    In reality, exercising in the gym and tabbing with a rucksack will require two different sets of footwear. 'Run and Become' will sell you the first type, but for walking with rucksack, you should consider something like Karrimor KSBs which will give you the necessary ankle support.
  6. "Outdoors" on Ludgate Hill has a closing down sale - they do shoes for walking up mountains and that kind of malarky.........
  7. Thanks for all your replies, even the one from the Pictish loon.

  8. I wonder who he means????
  9. I blame you Veg! I have just popped into Blacks to look at the sale and spent £100 on walking sandals- brown leather, and walking boots (Brasher) pink................ok so I saved £60 but even so....................if you hadn't posted this the thought of new shoes wouldn't have entered my head
  10. Aha! I started a thread after a phone call, this very morning, from the UK National Adventure Footwear Retail Association. I'm on a 10% cut, and some free boots.

    I am passing the Big House tomorrow, will pop into the training shoe shop. However, although I have been previously aware of the place have always been too wary of Very Fit People to enter.

  11. So you got £10 from me - I think you should buy me a bottle of wine
    don't worry - I bought trainers there and I am not very fit. I felt a complete fool running up and down Palmer Street in my black suit too.