Good towns to drink in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by elnoddo, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Wheres a good place to go on a night on the lash?
    bearing in mind im in the shot and anywhere else counts as better

    Fuck me its like land of the dead.
  2. Get yourself over to Guildford mate. Two minute walk from the station to all the lively pubs/bars/clubs, heaving with student totty. Or explore a bit further (5-10 minute walk) to find some more relaxed drinking holes.
  3. Liverpool is a good 'un to start with, we have three centres all not too far from each other, they also cater to different tastes, Mount Pleasant with famous Philharmonic Pub and its Famous marble stone Toilet, then there is Matthew Street Pubs all in the former warehouses and of course the Famous Caverns where the beatles started and is still popular, especially with tourists, best go in when there is a live band on, using the same stage as the beatles used.
    then there is Bold street which has the Krazy house if you are into all that, the 104 Pool Bar and Arena bar when you get off the central bus station in Queens Square, you will find loads of pubs and restaurants there like Rat and Parrot, Yates, La tasca etc , you will not go short of anywhere to go and being a Maritime city, everything is orientated towrd the river people tend to gravitate in that direction for nightlife.

    I also recommend a Pub attached to a Brewery ! The Pump House and Cains Brewery the tour is worth the money for £3.50 you get a tour, Two free pints and a Buffet, booking essential but worth it. bargain !!
    guide to pubs of Liverpool

    have a good time

  4. Hmmm, geography not your strong point Semper? Aldershot-to-Guildford = 7-8 miles, Aldershot-to-Liverpool = 200miles?
  5. I lived in Guildford when the 1970s bombs went off. It was an interesting time. I heard the blasts from where I lived and was roped in as a suspect. Apparently I looked liked one of them.
  6. Epsom is a cracking night out-head to Chicago's. You can't fail to trap there!
  7. Original post was written at 0015 hrs on a Sun morning why were'nt they already face down in the gutter with chilli sauce down the front of their chin and vomit in their hair? Or on a train to LIverpool (obviously)

    :pissed: :pissed: :puker: :puker:
  8. terroratthepicnic

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    I think just about everywhere that is not the shot is better than there. But if you want some places that are marginally better try Woking, Camberley or the point in Bracknal. For places that has better night life but a bit further out try Kingston upon Thames or Reading. Or if your prepared to go a lot further out but still within the same county try Basingstoke or pompey.
  9. Croydon. Too many pubs of the identikit variety. What sociologists like to call male vertical volume drinking. ie: 10+ pints of wife beater in 90 minutes whilst stood up at the bar and a fight outside a kebab house later
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's a good little brewery outside Lisburn at Hilden.(head out towards Dunmurry on the Belfast Rd & turn right down under the bridge to the train station.)
  11. Sunny sunny Bournemouth the most pubs and clubs in the south :thumright:
  12. tenby or the mumbles mile!!!! :thumright:
  13. What, one of the bombs?

    Anyway...In UK, I think the best night on the lash was Liverpool. But the best place in the world to go out on the town is Brisbane.
  14. Cardiff in the early 90's, though it's a city. I'd put money on it being still a great booze hole but with knives and guns.
  15. London - all of it