Good to See!

I was killing some time in one of the common rooms in Wellington Hall and was pleased to see a leaflet advertising ARRSE place on one of the tables.

It won't be long before the whole of both ICSC(L) 2 courses are online, along with the MDA course!

Whoever it is, keep up the good work!

Hear, hear .....
Just think, ARRSE could get almost 400 new users, all of them Majors.

What would that do for the Army?!

I think that a mission should be conducted to increase the amount of advertising around Shrivenham.

In time, every student will receive a flyer in their pigeon-hole, and a wide-ranging poster campaign will be hitting most noticeboards in the small hours of the morning sometime next week. Although my focus is very much on ICSC, clearly all students at the Academy are more than welcome to join the ARRSE club - perhaps you might like to canvass support within your specific area? ;)
Nipped down to the the otc last night to catch up with some of the guys and enjoy the cheep beer.

Alas I misjudged as the freshers rock up next week apparently :cry: ... but back on thread the CO was down there banging on about ARRSE.

He caught me offguard first as I thought he asked me whether I had seen his 8O . It was a bit of a negitive for those within earshot as he was moaning about one of the otc threads that looks like a circle wänk and also the source of much bitching and griping about thier last camp. It was his camp and he thought it went spiffingly.

So ARRSE works... :D
Anyone got the poster template so I can print 'em off and distribute them around the senior service???
He is no longer my CO. I just went back to visit.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt he had a click around the site before finding that his beloved students slagged his camp off. After all there is something for everyone. Just give him some time. I think a poster might be in order however...
Darth Doctrinus,

What is your plan of attack reference notice boards.

I shall endeavour to hit the noticeboards around the site that i walk past reguarly.
These include Roberts, Wellington and Marlborough Hall. Although i imagine that you
will take care of WH as there are many ICSC syndicates based in there!


P.S. Tbb, where did you see this slagging off???

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