Good to see you chaps look out for each other

I don't read soldier magazine much, More a Navy news man but having picked up and read about Tom Neathway today in Soldier I was very impressed on how you boys look after one another in bad times. Very touching stuff with good army humour thrown in by the Sgt. Good one lads. :salut:

this quote from Corporal Neathway raised a smile:

"“There’s a bit of rivalry between amputees – and obviously I’m top of the pile,” he said.
“When I arrived at Headley Court it was full of Marines, so I just debriefed them on how they were all useless. ""

I had to chuckle at this bit :D

Sticking to what he knew best, the CVO saw humour and cheerfulness as the best way to lighten the sombre mood.

“His parents were really tense when they saw Tom for the first time so straight away I just said ‘Oh no… he’s ginger’
. :lol: :lol:
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