Good to be out.

Had a briliant day yesterday.

The last few weekends have been wet and miserable and although I got one outing to sight in my new Bushnell scope there was no sign of wildlife so I was looking forward to a day wandering.

I'm very lucky to have just over 40 acres- in 2 enclosed areas.

Orchards, fallow pasture, some long established woodland and copses.

One area has Joe Public wandering as they please which is ok by my boss but the other is enclosed and private- bar the odd poacher and that is where we have 7 warrens, the odd wild deer- Roe for sure and after yesterday Ugly I can confirm 2 Fallow, plus badger movement and about 80 pheasant.

So, got there 7 am ish, heavy frost(-8) and within 15 minutes the fallow deer wandered into view- paused, looked at me and wandered on their way.
No question of taking a shot- only got the .17HMR- as this was just a reece day.

Never ceases to amaze me how the area changes with each visit and I've already got a work plan for clearing and improving some areas.-High seat for the deer being just one job!

By late morning the sun was out although frost still laying thick and white in the lee of the hedges.

Lots of pheasant wandering- the one restriction I have is that they are not shot. Lady Boss likes to see them wandering.

First shot of the day, a grey squirrel foraging on the ground- 60 pace shot and instant kill.

Then 4 rabbits, 50 to 85 paces, prone shots with bipod. all instant kills.
2 head/neck and 2 chest.

Much was said to me about the damage that the .17 would cause to the meat but tbh I don't usually have that problem.

Of note were that 2 had weeping eyes so myxie is just starting and 1 was a doe with young already developing.- Early start to the breeding season?

As I wandered home the views over that part of the Kent countryside were wonderful. Made me glad to be out.

And the meat?

I know a bloke with a young Harris Hawk to feed and I've got a spot just right for him to train the bird later in the summer.

Oh, and Cheers Ugly for rekindling my love of the outdoors and making it possible for me to shoot again.


Damn rabbits have had 4 seasons a year recently but now with the cold snap it may put them back a few weeks. Glad to hear about the Fallow, Best of luck.

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