Good Times with 654

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sven, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Having become increasingly jealous of the Mindener thread, I thought I'd start one for us 654 sweats.

    I arrived in Detmold in late April 1980, the day 654 had beaten the crap out of 664 on the ARU and so my first herfy was a free one.

    Then later on in the evening Dave B**ch (the SQMS) tried to give me another one that was suspiciously warm - sprog though I was I placed it on a nearby table and watched with interest as late at night some wiseguy swapped it for an empty bottle and crept away. Jim D**n was waltzing about sucking a dummy and Ken I***e was trying to keep Midge (can't remember his last name) away from gorgeous Lynn, the squadron secretary.

    Have I missed a squadron reunion, coz I can't believe that we haven't got back together??

    Has anyone from those times kept in touch, I have a few contacts from the air corps side but have no idea where any of our reme mates have got to in recent years (I did have one of Si N***hs email addresses but lost it years ago)

    Make me happy people, post lots and let me know how and where everybody is
  2. Was Gripper in your Sqn then?
  3. Hi Sven

    Sorry a Mindener. We weren't that far apart, just far enough to keep the hierarchy away. Had some good mates at 654, did my JMC at 4 Armoured with Nipper C***** of goldwing fame and met my dad or what I thought was my dad as he always called me son, Taff H***. I arrived a year later at Minden and experienced the joys (?) of the ARU and don't remember who won as it was shite. Taff H*** is finally working for a living or so the rumour goes but he's back home in Port Talbot. I was at 71 with Nipper and it was him that bolloxed me (or tried) as I'd insulted 4 Regt's QHI. I left 71 in 92, no idea where Nipper is now. Knew a former greenie tiff who went AEC and used to go to his computer club at Ripon Barracks in Bielefeld. He wanted to teach but we just used to copy games and photocopy millions of copies of the instructions. Phil was his first name, can't remember the surname and he was definitely on the 81 ARU.

    Right sorry I'll scuttle back to the 664 thread. If I remember anybody else I'll be back, if you don't mind that is.
  4. Sorry Guns, don't recognise the name, is that his posting moniker or a nickname
  5. mistersoft
    nipper has now crossed the divide and is commisioned with the aeroplaneclub, now based up at dishcloth.
    Keep up the good writing is fun to read your threads.
  6. Of course I know him, as soon as You mentioned the goldwwing I knew who You meant.

    As for Taff Hill - I was at his place for Christmas in 1980 and for Gary D****reys engagement party. Had a daughter born to him called Be****ya or something similar
  7. Sven Check PM's for Midges surname.

    I arrived in 654 around March 81, main memories are of course the BBC where I believe I spent most of the early eighties. Oh and Pothoffs, Ice Bar and other haunts that I vaguely remember. Work-wise I recall squeezing so many cabs into that hangar, it was an art. That bloody porta cabin we used as a line office. Sliding the Lx along with an ML in the snow and Ice was fun.

    Went with the Sqn to the Emeralde Isle, with big Trev. And was present in the crewroom when the counter got shot up.

    Alas I do not have the writting skills of others, and the memories fade all too quick but we had fun.
  8. Sven been racking my solitary braincell for others from 654, no luck yet. Thanks nocheinbier for letting me know. So Nipper crossed the divide, I'll have to dig out that highly embarassing photo of the JMC course with Nipper standing proud and me hiding behind my moustache. Hope he doesn't fly cabs with stereos as he used to electrocute himself regularly on the goldwing. Change the cassette and oh you fcuker that smarts.

    On the JMC we had to bull the drill hall and with my Vauxhall estate and Nipper's friendliness with the cleaners at 4 Regt we electro bumpered the hall until you couldn't stand up. The steams were gobsmacked such a show of initiative and sneaky bastraditus. Couldn't have come from me, still oh how we laughed when it wasn't our turn, a recce mech on a blanket and three hours later still not finished.

    Taff H*** as I said was my dad as he always called me son and he never told you what to do, he used the "royal we" and you knew you were doing it. Almost thought of putting him into the urban myth category, a sad loss to the army, all that experience and a really nice bloke. Liked a drink but who doesn't but I think he got shafted in the FI as he turned up for work while I was already doing a ground run and the shite hit the fan, I don't think he ever got artisan and it was probably thanks to that, fcuk all really but shite sticks. Better not turn this into the Taff H*** thread so onwards and upwards.

    I knew Si N**** , don't ask me for a fotofit but name is very familiar. Taff H*** was one of the best and there's not many I'll say that about.
  9. Is Your name Mick??
  10. Nope, But I PM'd you my name
  11. Thanks MPS, when I get the message I'll post

    Now 1845 and no messages - could it be that I'm doing something wrong???
  12. Sorry its a bit late in the evening, I have re sent the PM
  13. I was there as a first posting right out of AETW....May 80 - Sep 82
    Damn what an introduction to "real life".....
    Loved it all though
  14. Some of our better jockies went to 654 from Minden , so we feel we are a part of 654, I am still in touch with Ian Ding-Dong.
  15. Is he the guy that took a chainsaw to the wooden hut that was supposed to be empty? Only it was the met office??