Good Times Before The PC Brigade was Formed

You were called a Donkey, your family were insulted, all drill pigs were ba$tards,
I saw big guys cry, Guys that fell over on Runs got kicked upright in a fatherly sort of way,

No hot water in Poperinghe bks 75-76 was made to shave too,
Regimental baths for those that needed them,

Remember those Berets you were a suspect plate smuggler if you couldnt shrink it.

If you went out when you first arrived in depot, you returned to the gate after spending five minutes trying to remember your regimental Number over and over in your head, only for the drill pig on the gate to ask you your 10 x table then your reg number, failed get in the pokey my kness were goin higher than Michael Barrymores in that series where he asks ALWIGHT at the back,

Made you a man,

That was just depot how about the field force,
And you call those good times?
They were great times, just after I'd finished my time. We were allowed to b eshouted at, told "You will", go on runs in boots, wear what was issued (even if it did take the skin off), we were proud to be squaddies and didn't give a toss whether the civvies appreciated us or not. Once we were abroad we had absolutely no idea, or interest in, what was happening in Blighty. On our £3-3-0 (£3.15) we could go out get legless and have fish and chips on a saturday night and spwend the rest of the weeknights in the NAAFI with our mates.

Just when did the PC brigade take hold.
Tytus_Barnowl said:
Just when did the PC brigade take hold.
You cant be racist, sexist, homophobic or give youngsters a slap anymore. Police have lost their powers and Chavs run the country.

On the bright side you can still call a Guare a GINGER TOSSER and segregate him from the rest of the lads because he stinks of p*ss.

Well hopefully or Im in the sh*t :?
Tytus_Barnowl said:
Just when did the PC brigade take hold.
Why the intake after mine of course
Nope, definetly had hot water in poperighe in Feb 75 (mind you we were in the new block that was put in after the spider burned down). We had clean the bogs with a toothbrush & freddy the fly lives in here followed by an amazing amount of kit flying out the window! The daily march into the pylon in the middle of the square always made us laugh, particularly when it was followed by being marched straight into one of the wooden buildings on the side of the square.
Still remember the WW2 films of 40 gallon drums full of nail holes then stuffed with rotten meat to attract the flys, and this was hygiene in the field.!
piespies said:
Tytus_Barnowl said:
Tytus_Barnowl said:
Just when did the PC brigade take hold.
When 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Normally, 5 minutes after one's discharge.
The PC brigade didn't take hold, they took control a tiny little bit at a time and we are all to blame for letting it happen.

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