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Hi, i notice theres so many threads on here about what the fat corrupt bastards of labour are up to to shit on the forces each day. Infact i understand its hard to be positive in a time when the country has been infiltrated by all kinds of terrorist scum and the govornment is more concerned about bailing out they're school buddies at northern rock. However.. as a recruit 4 days away from joining the finest(although least appreciated) army in the world I would really like to hear some positive stuff! maby im naive cos i beleive that im doing this for queen and tradition and the other fine people in the armed forces. can ya'll just post good things about the army in this thread. doesnt matter what they are, could be a great story, something you really like about your job..that kinda thing :D
dont all rush at once.
Hell yeah! thats the spirit.

terroratthepicnic said:
The good thing is doing your room mates mum up the hoop on you room mates wedding day. Is that positive enough for you?
Following Through. The Sport of kings.

A proper second knuckle, clagnut filled pootache. The must have fashion accessory in Basic.

High fiving your mate as you roast the town bike.

Naked Bar.

Thats just for starters.
There is a very good thread all about this.It will teach you everything you need to know about the routine once you are in.
I will see if I can find it for you.

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