Good tablet device?

The long haired CO fancies some sort of tablet device for her birthday / crimbo.

Unfortunately these gadgets have taken me virtually by surprise & I was pretty much ignorant regarding the existence of "tablets" until most of the lads started buying cheap Samsung Galaxy 7 & 10s out in Canada.

My ceiling is £300 & she prefers the 7inch version ( :) ) though other than that I haven't a clue what I'm looking at with regards to specs, brands etc for a quality tablet. She'll use it for face ache / web browsing, playing games such as Angry Birds, most likely watching films & any other shite she can do with it subsequently leaving me alone to game away on the PC.

Any ideas / input?
No competition, you can get a 32Gb Nexus 7 for £199 or if you must have 3G then that is £239. I've had the 16Gb one for about three months now and it goes everywhere with me.

Super quick, better screen than an iPad Mini, Android 4.2 and google music now available in the UK. Winner.
I've got a nexus 7, had it since August and I've got nothing bad to say about it. Cracking hardware for the price, android 4.2 is pretty unbreakable and the screen is top notch. It's not the prettiest bit of kit in the world, it's got a rubberised back as opposed to a nice shiny aluminum (though this is probably better if she's got butter fingers). From £170, I couldn't recommend it enough.
Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 now £238 from Amazon. Gotta look for that price, though.
Google Nexus 7 direct from Google Play is £159.
Ive got a Nexus 7, absolutely amazing bit of kit. Couldnt do without it now.
If your a big apple fan you can probably pick up the Ipad mini for around 300.
I don't age. The wife has ipad 2 and I have samsung 7" Tab.We both prefer the tab
That should read agree. f +!!!ng tab. Its true though. . I don't age ;-)
Thanks everyone so far for the input, looks like I'm being heavily swayed from Samsung Galaxy to Google Nexus.

I haven't considered iPad as other than the iPhone 4 I'm not keen on Apple. I can't offer any quantitative rational reason as to why other than being a naturally biased PC / Microsoft software user.

or if you must have 3G then that is £239.
I have no idea what the difference is between 3G enabled or not, anyone elaborate please?
3G means you can put a sim card in it and have internet whereever you go (and use it like a telephone) With wifi only you have to find a hotspot to get into the internet. If you are going to use it mainly at home then you dont need 3G. just connect to your wlan and your in. With my samsung note 10:1 I can in emergencies tether it to my samung smartphone and go into the net over my smartphone.
But with 4G round the corner you might want to avoid shelling out extra for built in 3G & have a look at a mobile wifi server instead, or just a 3G dongle. There's loads of cheapo Android tablets, from Mr Woo's emporium, that will be more than adequate for web surfing and watching video at home. Look for hdmi ports if you want to output the screen to something bigger, of course that too will need hdmi, or another digital interface & an adapter. You can do digital to analogue but it'll cost more.

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