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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AdamDaniels, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Alright Guys,

    i'm new to this site, basically my name is adam im 20 yeas of age and currently trying to Join the paras, can anyone give me some advice on a suppliment, that will help me with my runs recover, endurance and weight. any help i will greatly apreciate.

    cheers in advance
  2. I have a balanced diet etc, problem is, because im running im losing weight, and really dont want to, therefore i was wondering what shakes etc would give me the energy i need and let me stay at the same weight, cheers
  3. Go to a supplement store like Hollands & Barrets or GNC and check out the shakes and such. Look for one high in carbs and protein or a weight gainer like Progain, if you want to try and keep an average weight. If your training for para reg you'll obviously be doing 5+ mile runs consistantly though and you WILL slim down.

    Or, as Jarrod said, just eat more. A lot more.
  4. You won't find one single shake that will meet all of your 3 requirements. Yeah but what do you mean by a balance diet, 5-6 meals a day? To gain weight you need to be exceeding your normal calorie intake.

    The only shake that I know off that will provide you with energy and aid recovery sort of is Maximuscle viper...But, I am sure there are cheaper ones out there that will do just a good a job as maximuscle.

    But if your not weight training and just looking to gain/maintain weight then what Jarrod said is correct, proper nutrition is the key.
  5. Yes, I am agree you should take 5-6 meals a day. All the meals should be very healthy and nutritious. The perfect amount of calories for a woman is about 2000 kcal and 2500 kcal for men per day. Must be full of fiber and other nutritional need calories to maintain a healthy body.
  6. What utter drivel, did you read the posts?
  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Depends how much work you're doing, a sensible intake in the Arctic is 4000 calories a day.

    When I run I burn about 100 calories a mile (I weigh about 73kg). If I do 50 miles a week that's an extra 5000 calories a week or 2 days additional food.

    Forget supplements, spend your money on the best quality food and decent beer you can afford. Mankind has been evolving that way for millennia.
  8. What do you need that rubbish for.

    Eat 4 times a day or as often as you need to.

    For endurance type running, eat things like porridge, cheese sandwiches, pasta, chips, pizza.
    If doing an event in the morning eat later at night, the army meal time is normally too early at 17:00ish, so you could eat then and eat again at 21:00ish.

    Also start running you need to mix speed work (PFT & 2miler) with long distance & hills.
    Try walking with weight as fast as you can, it is possible to get over 5mph and try running with weight. Try to very gradually to build up to about 55lbs (25kg) don't run with weight or in boots very often it'll ruin your body, I think once per 2 weeks is more than enough.

  9. No it's not. I disagree with this bold.

    The perfect amount of calories is what you need, if you are doing hard training, and exercising once or more a day, or doing long endurance work, it is nowhere near enough. you should be looking at nearer 4000 per day in these circumstances.

    The simple test is if your weight is stable it's about right, if your're losing weight you need to eat more.
  10. I'm commenting on the bold I've placed above.

    First eat lots of times a day, at least 4.

    Yes you do need some nutrients, but you don't want a traditional "balanced diet" for what you are about to undertake, you need carbohydrates & fat.

    For long endurance work, especially if you arn't fat you need to eat fat (yes you need healthy fat)

    Thing's like fat and sugar get bad press these days, but something like Jam in your porridge is good, you get porridge for long burn energy & sugar for quick burn.
  11. Post up your diet. I dont believe your "diet" is up to standard.
  12. 6 meals a day is normal for a hard gainer, frankly I put in 8 when I was trying to bulk up. Would have to leave the bathroom door firmly closed, window open whenever I paid a visit though.

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner = 1 portion of protein, 1 portion of carbs, 1 portion of veggies
    then three shakes (I used myoplex, but it's expensive, not the best mass gainer but one of the leanest protein mixes you can find. As well as that (and importantly) it actually tastes halfway decent) spread throughout the day.

    I used to snaffle a couple of myoplex bars as well, one of them straight after resistance training, and almost always would have a bunch of fruit to eat throughout the day (got to be careful you don't overload on carbs though - apples in particular are deceptive).

    Added to that, you want to look at gaining lean mass rather than random fat, so make sure you have a proper workout in the gym that someone who is qualified has gone through with you.

    In addition to all that crap I sometimes use creatine (about 2 months on, 4 months off usually), but always pop zma, vitamins and amino's.

    No idea if that's helpful to you, but there you go.
  13. gar


    I would stay away from creatine, your not trying to strip fat to make your muscles look ripped which is the main effect, its also not worth the hassle having to have a load period etc

    Get some weight gain protein, I say that as lots of whey has very little carb content. I can't remember the name of the particular make, but get down to holland and barrett, I was in there today and it is on sale. Hit the weight training also, yes you may burn lots of calories, but muscle weighs more than fat, so it would help in the long run.

    If you weigh 65kg for example, each shake should contain at least 65g of protein. 1kg body weight : 1g of protein mix. Instead of using milk/water. Make a smoothie, using chopped fruit, yoghurt, honey, sugar etc etc.

    Have one with every meal and after phys. Get some niners down your gull, aka a big **** off feast at 2100-2200.

    Tried and tested, it works!
  14. you don't know what you are talking about do you?
  15. FYI if you must take supplements chances are you are onlygoing to need the basics. Get a good quality whey protein, fish oils and a good multivitamin. You will need no more then this when training for the Paras.