Good Starter Trauma Kit?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by HumanRightsNGO, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Get one issued to you and save your beer tokens?

    What sort of Medical cover are you providing, how many people, how far away will you be from the next level of healthcare, what country are you operating in, are you trained to use everything that is in that kit (some of it is pretty out of date), what sort of person will be you treating (you wouldn't want to be throwing some of that stuff on Joe Public in an RTC in the UK as a random passer by for example unless you wanted to expose yourself to a good *******).
  2. I doubt they would ship that over here!
  3. Also some of the kit in there is pretty pointless, you'd be better off buying some sort of daysack/med bag (buy a STOMP 2 if you really want to spend money on this but I bloody wouldn't), answer those questions I've asked you above and build the kit piece by piece based around the amount and types of injuries you want to be able to treat and think how long you'd need to be able to sit on a Casualty for. If it's in the UK then it won't be very long. Then finally, what are you actually trained to use? If you haven't been shown how to use NPA/OPAs for example then don't bloody carry them! And don't start sticking them in civvies.
  4. Thanks, good questions. I trained on a private combat arms medical course which covers a fair amount of stuff up to and including IV and IO. My main place of operations will be in unpleasant 3rd world places, either far from hospitals or without the ability to go to hospitals because of internal politics. The major risks are likely to be either a RTA or blunt force/knife/machete trauma and I would need to be able to cover about 2 or 3 people maximum
  5. Putting opas and npas in civvies is what I do all day. It is comparable in depth of skill to putting a foot in a shoe. Why the fuss God only knows. The benefits are enormous.
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  6. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I would assume that this decision was made with the same logic that now stops first aiders searching for a pulse as a sign off life, in case it is missed. Surely if it is missed, then the treatment is going to be the same for if it wasn't searched for in the first place, and I never heard of anyone mistakenly finding one when there wasn't one present.

    I do however agree that if you can be "trusted" to do CPR, then measuring and inserting a Guedel should be within your skills level.
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  7. Ok so no other recommendations then?
  8. Who do you work for? Should they provide the first aid kit? Or do you have to provide your own?

    In which case, getting alongside an experienced bloke, similarly trained, and 'taking a peek under his flaps' might be a much better approach.

    Also, if in a 3rd world sh1thole. what about resup afte ruse? and storage. Do you need an electric cool box in the veh/place of work to store some of this stuff (even plasters go funny after a time in extreme heat)
  9. There is nothing wrong with using OPAs and NPAs on civvies, I don't think there would be any problems.
  10. If you want to inflict blunt force trauma I'd start with one of these:

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  11. Keogh Bks was happy to say don't do it to random civvies in the UK! Same with Collars etc. if you happen to keep one in your car.
  12. I've never contemplated using either on civvies unless in an ABSOLUTE emergency... for starters you need the right size. So they take up a fair bit of space in a kit... my car kit is in a web-tex medic side pouch and packed to the gunnels with stuff... but not too many of these.
  13. Odd chaps. Well I don't happen to have a collar in my car, but OPAs are likely enough. As long as you act with in your competence its normally OK not that I would ever have much stuff on me anyway.
  14. Green for girls and orange for boys. I've been doing that for 6 years daily without a problem.

    It's easy to save lives.

    Get someone to show you how with the OPA, I let the blokes put one in me. There are a couple of rules, several myths, but they are for lifesavers,not have a go my mum's in the TA walty types.