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War Hero
I'm buying up a lot of kit to get back into the outdoors, i'm pretty much sorted now but would like a good watch with all the usual functions inc split and lap timing, at moment I'm using the stopwatch on my iPod for timeing my runs but it's massive and heavy.

Also, I want one I could wear when I join the Army. I don't know the rules regarding non - issued kit, including watches. I was thinking about a G Shock one, black plastic face and strap. Anyone reccomend, disprove 'em?

Mucho appreciato, hombre's
I have a Casio Pro-Trek watch and can recomend whole hearidly. That will fill all your needs and more.


War Hero
I have a G Shock and as for running, mountain biking and general banging them about outdoors I can really recomend them.
If you can stretch to it. Suunto Vector. Worn for 6 years. Nothing broken as yet. Time, Barometer, Compass, Altimeter.

Some of the Suunto range also have a HR function, but expensive.

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