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Good Soldiering

Now this is not a post from an Old'n'Bold soldier, nor one who professes to be anything special.

However, I have heard many a description (some very good, some quite outlandish) of what makes a good soldier. There must be a decent definition.
MY favourite is that

'The art of soldiering is being able to make oneself as comfortable, and efficient, under the given circumstances.'

I always quite liked that.
5 minutes early for any detail, prepared for the evolution to be carried out and with the correct equpment for same.

Either that or sponging around stores, armoury, Coy lines with a ready made reasonable excuse for CSM, 2IC or power mad Lance Jack.
Had the pleasure of meeting Colonel (then Captain) Barry Petersen MC, and gave a bit of his 'concepts' whilst he was with the Australian Army Training Team - Vietnam (AATTV).

When he took over his activities, with the Montagnard people of the Central Highlands, from the US Special Forces he did not display a 'going home' calendar. Reason being, the US troops had 'their' calendars marked with the going home date, thereby, the Montagnard's had no belief in the US and staying to help train and support them. There is also the pyschological (sp) effect on the person (calendarer).

Boss with Col Barry Petersen MC.jpg


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