Good skills - Squaddie troublemakers targeted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Aug 31, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Military police officers could soon be helping police tackle army troublemakers in Bath.

    There have been increasing incidents of brawls involving soldiers who are on a night out in the city.

    Some of the squaddies are thought to be travelling in from barracks at Warminster, Wiltshire.

  2. 1 BW, wee whipper snappers. :D

    Monkeys? Sorting out the trouble, or making more? Answers on a five pound note....
  3. Not so fast Spanky. The Tcheuchters may the tearing up the town but not in Bath. I suspect downtown Basra is a better bet at the moment. And the trouble there is probably beyond the Monkeys to control..........
  4. It's been happening in London for years. If you go out on a Fri or Sat night in Liecster sq it isn't uncommon to see an RMP car parked near by or driving through the square itself with to help CivPol should any squaddies from the various barracks around town who fancy a night on the town kick off. CivPol make the arrest, and if they are found in possession of a Mod90 they are handed straight over to the RMP. You also see them occasionally out and about. There are also other areas of London where there are concentrations of soldiers living out where they maintain a discreet presence.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I thnik most garrisons Towns have some reciprical agreements between the real Bill and the RMP. Not a bad thing in Colchester or Aldershot. Think of all that paperwork you can save doing by just handing the drunk over to the RMP.
  6. Hear they have ventured into Salisbury as well now. Watch out Tidworth & Bulford Garrison.
  7. The Marines in Exeter are a bloody menace, luckily the locals can give as well as they get.
  8. I've always found the Maureens troublesome. Especially when they've had a skinful after the last audit. Arguing about how many black pens a Bn should hold and who is entitled to a ruler and Tippex.

    Nasty b*stards. Real nasty.
  9. Watch yo' mouth, Benjemima. Them Booties are a nasty lot, but they're usually not the ones starting it. I heard that Baby Booties are told they can only go in 2-3 pubs in the whole town, they are also warned to beware the local acid-tipper!

    Now, that does'nt sound like the Booties are starting it!
  10. imho usually civvies who start it, and joe dpm blogs who picks the bill up for finishing it :cry:
    as for drink spiking tawys, they deserve a good shoeing :twisted: