Good Skills Ex_Stab!

Rite in the rain new site – Due to the increasing demand of Rite in the Rain
it was decided to create its own unique site ''.

A final point on price. Many thanks to the Army Rumour Service and in
particular to, “Ex Stab”,
for pointing out that he felt our prices could do
with reviewing. Both websites are only successful because they’re driven byyou the customer, the RITR prices have now been reduced.

Just got this from RvOps. Good skills Ex_Stab!
Much respect to RVOps for doing that. If only RVOps ran British Gas, The railway network, the government.....

Clearly for them the customer DOES come first.


Kit Reviewer
Msr, sorry to bring this up again, but your avatar is still mega!

Who is she?

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