Good Ski Location in Austria

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DarkNinja, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Me and a few mates fancy a ski trip to Austria. Anyone know of a good location? As in Apres as well as snow
  2. Kitzbühel, good skiing close to the resort and good nightlife.
  3. Neustift in the Tirol Valley. Ski/Board the Stubai Glacier, and après in the Dorf Bar. It's only 30 mins from Innsbruck and most of the shops do a squaddie discount on kit hire and ski/board waxing due to all the AT that goes on in the area. The Army snowboarding championships are held there annually.
  4. Kitz is great if you have a big budget, I've been there on a couple Of occasions. Very nice, but expensive. Visit woodys bar to get cunted on jäger.

    Neustift is spot on, good skiing, some good bars. The 'dorf pub' is good.

    Mayerhoffen is spot on for the money, great skiing, great boozing.
  5. Try Snowbombing at Mayrhofen. Will be absolute mayhem.
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  6. Stubai/Neustift is excellent and reasonably priced.

    Saalbach Hinterglemm is probably the biggest ski area with so many runs that you need never ski the same one twice. Basically 2 sets of mountains either side of a long valley road. You can ski both sides of both sets and end up miles from where you started. Luckily, when you stumble out of a bar, in a village far away from your hotel, you can jump on the free ski bus to get home again.

    St Anton is also fantastic but expensive.

    On the news today were stories that many holidaymakers in these resorts, Stubai, Pitztal etc. are snowed in and won't be back at school or work tomorrow. Unfortunately the poor saps heading there can't get in either. Rather the former than the latter.
  7. If you don't have to go to Austria, try Andorra. I've ski'd all over the area. Great slopes, great bars. Very cheap booze and food. The skiing used to be cheap but it's risen in price. Still good value though.
  8. Try the Montafon valley in Vorarlberg, great skislopes, and the nightlife isn't too shabby.
  9. St Anton was going to be my suggestion. Expensive but the Apres Ski is brilliant. If you go to the Krazy Kangaroo, the entertainment seems to consist of encouraging the ski bunnies to get their tits out and they quite often do. Bit of a nightmare skiing down in the dark, listening to other people break their legs cos they can't see, but fun.
  10. Prince Albert has a good suggestion. If the snow is good then Andorra is awesome. I stayed in the Magic Hotel in Andorra and had a great time. If the snow is crap then you concentrate on getting absolutely cnuted in the clubs.
  11. Garmisch used to be ok, though I've not ski'd there in quite sometime now.
  12. Saalbach-Hinterglemm gets my vote, I had an awesome time skiing there at the British Uni Championships ( I wasn't competing just partying and doing my own thing on the piste). London Bar is good - Restaurant/bar upstairs and a nightclub with pole dancers downstairs. Virus Bar - pretty much a conservatory full of booze is good too - ask for a test tube if you go there.

    If you choose here then would get accommodation in the village though as opposed to halfway up a mountain - the organisers f*cked up when I went and forgot to book me a room with the rest of my group. So each night I had to drunkenly climb part of the way up a mountain in my party gear - ballet shoes and snow don't mix.

    On the plus side it was ski in ski out accommodation so was great during the day.
  13. X59

    X59 LE

    Was in Mayrhofen over xmas and concur it's awesome for skiing and après.

    The Hara Kiri run ( steepest piste in Austria ) was closed due to lack of snow, now sorted with the recent dump of snow on the alps.

    The 'Brucke' bar, near the Ahorn, is the hottest bar in town, and the 'Ice Bar' now lacks the fanny it once attracted, and is a bit of a sausage fest to be avoided.

    New years day saw a massive influx of Russians, so **** knows if they made the usual impact on a holiday resort.
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  14. The Russians used to infest Kitz all the time.

    The 'ice bar' is normally full of loud Dutch blokes, and the floors always covered in smashed glass.