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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by archer, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Based on my use only and you might disagree

    Biped. The Outdoorsman

    Daniel Valmont VALMONT FIREARMS Home

    Wilson and Wilson Kent

    Chris Potter Guns Tunbridge Wells

    KWG Ashford Kent and Handcross Sussex
  2. Norman Clarke is good.
  3. Martin Elworthy Guns in Cornwall seems good. He helped the missus (after she was sold a dud by The Sportsman) pick out very nice gun, took us to field and set up a clay trap for her. Great chap and didn't maker her feel an idiot when she had to ask fairly basic questions.
  4. KWG Ashford,, gets 5* from me , always bang on the money & no BS , & its country store is well stocked with great deals on dry dog food.

  5. theres a shop near me in the North/West I know who are very concientious and level people to deal with.
    but as I have known some of his family quite well personaly, and one has worked for myself in the past, mine could be considered a biased recommendation.

    T. and J. J. McAvoy Gunsmiths
    3 High Street,
    WN6 0HA

    McAvoy Guns
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Awww shucks! :)
  7. HPS Ltd in Gloucestershire; tent at Bisley for the major meetings. If it's to do with target rifles, it's hard to do better in the UK.
  8. I would agree with that, I would also add Norman Clarke with the good guys.
  9. HPS are good, provided you have the bank balance to cope. I've always found Norman Clarke excellent - every time I've spent money at his tent at Bisley he does me a (small) discount for some reason!

    Midway UK aren't too bad provided you either go into the shop or ring them up. Their prices are something else though ...
  10. Here in the Reich I use Frankonia, the branches in Kassel and Hannover. It's worth checking beforehand if the gunsmith is in house and out of house (central workshop) repairs can take quite some time. The pricing is competitive and I have yet to find fault with the work done. I've tried the smaller local gunsmiths out and was always let down or overcharged.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not sure who that Bipped blerk is, keeps losingg my order and I always have to get the keckle on! That said, I like gunshop Cathill East Barnet. Funny old fecker honestly.
    I also will nominate FA Andersons of East Grinstead for despite losing my ammo already paid for they bailed me out of the poo on shipping a rifle back to the Great Norman Clark after sedgar Brothers decided to call me a liar.
    Cheers to all apart from Edgar Brothers, cnuts.
  12. I can add to the recommendation regarding HPS. I had my TR restocked with laminate and its a very good quality job. Not cheap but comparable with Clarkes. They also spotted a crack in my trigger and fixed it without charge.

    Also, although its a bit far away, can I recommend Brian Dick in the US for Lee Enfields - BDL LTD Rifles and Accessories. Sounds strange but I bought a Long Branch No. 4 from him and it was far cheaper than getting one in the UK. Obviously its a pain with all the paperwork but he's very knowledgable and if you are prepared to wait (3-4 months) it will be much cheaper.
  13. East Grinstead Guns- excellent service for wood/stock work
    Field and Stream of Ashbourne
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Does that mean the Ruger fits now?
  15. Yes,it may need some smoothing- the cheek piece is slightly proud but girly is pleased.
    Scope mounts may be ok but will need some time on the training area to determine that one