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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zubrzycki, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. I am bored.

    What good tv box sets are worth having to watch? i already have Scrubs, Teachers, House, American Dad, Family Guy, Ghost Whisperer (Jennifer Love Hewitt is a stunner) and i am on the final disc of Supernatural!!

    When i have finished this disc i am going to be the most bored man in NATO. What is worth watching?
  2. Dr Who, seasons 1-4, classic!
  3. Box sets: Deadwood,Band of Brothers,NCIS to name a few
  4. You must of course already have the Blackadder box set?
  5. Unless you are on ammo guard get out and about you sad git! :wink:

    (this msge does not apply if you have no arms or legs) :roll:
  6. Torchwood, spin off from Dr. Who. cracking series.
  7. Dr Who i might get.

    Deadwood? NCIS? and blackadder is a good idea
  8. Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes

    How about films, or do you insist on telly box sets? There's any number of classic war films available
  9. T O R C H W O O D

    D O C T O R W H O

    how cool is that!
  10. Life on mars is awesome! i had series one where the guy goes in a coma, but i lost that a few years ago. good suggestion!

    i would prefer box sets becuase otherwise i will watch the film then be bored again. (i am on Herrick with just over three months left)
  11. I suggest the West Wing , a brillant drama about the workings of the White House. The Wire: a word of mouth cop series that was tucked away on the FX channel. A must watch programme :D
  12. What about the box sets of 24, should keep you amused.
  13. Deadwood is imho the best tv series made in the past 10 years.
  14. Arrested Development. Yes it's American, but it is the best thing to come out of the US... ever.
  15. Dexter is excellent - main character a 'good' serial killer. look out for Burn Notice when it comes to DVD - about a 'burned' CIA operative stuck in Miami getting into adventures and stuff. Foyles War - WWII dectective stories are excellent. I found all the Inspector Morse at soon to be defunct Zavvi for £36 in a box 8000 odd mins of quality TV. The Riches is good if you like Eddie Izzard - sadly cancelled after one season. Weeds is funny and has much MILF eye candy. Various series of 24 kept me going when I was laid up last year and unable to leave my recliner chair. As did the entire Kung Fu - excellent cheese!

    There are a few to look out for.