Good run routes in Glasgow

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by YouKaySoap, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. I've just been to the careers office and the guy there said I should start moving away from the treadmill and do some outdoor running. I live just outside Cessnock underground station and I'm looking for a good running route hopefully something I can test out the 1.5 mile for. My problem is I don't have a car so I can't really plot a route or measure out distance too well. If anyone can help that would be grand, thankyou.
  2. go to glasgow green mate, running on grass will be good practice. but if you can try somewhere not too flat and get used to running up and down hills!
    As for plotting out routes, if you have an ipod look into buying a thing called nike +! its quality mate realy good for your running! if not you can always use google earth that might give you a good idea!
    hope this helps atol!
  3. I live just round the corner. Can't run any more due to injury but I'll see if I've got any routes saved on the computer.
  4. no personal suggestions as live few hundred miles away. could try though :)
  5. The link above for Map My Run is good. As for hills, I like to run up in the graveyard behind the Royal Infirmary, or Kelvingrove Park. One and a half times around Glasgow Green is about a mile and a half too.

  6. Obviously tongue in cheek - but surely Easterhouse would be good if you want to do speed work, as it'll be the quickest 1.5mile you'll ever do! Spice things up a bit and do it with a bottle of "Buckie" in your hand to keep the pursuing hounds interested.

    On a serious note mate - good luck with the training.

  7. Then past Celtic Park shouting Rangers and then past Ibrox with an Irish chant should improve the 1.5 time!! But failing that worked for me:)
  8. This time last year I was at Ibrox, the surrounding streets were very earthly in a Beirut sort of way. My advice, get a bus out of Glasgow and then train.
  9. PM'd you a short run YouKaySoap.
  10. Suggest jumping on the clockwork orange to kelvingrove and doing some perimiter laps of the park. granted your test is 1.5 miles, but how often is it neccessary to run just 1.5 ? Suggest maybe get used to doing 4 at a steady pace, as well as blasting out a 1.5 pb. At k.grove you also have the steps near park circuits which can be an excellent workout. Also if you were to run through it about nowish im sure your feet would carry you faster than they ever have before, unless your into that kind of thing.
  11. I will pm you the 1.5 mile route we take the pd crowd on tomorrow. It is close enough via the subway, just at the botanical gardens near hillhead station.
  12. Thanks for all the tips. When I was on the treadmill I could usually do around 6 miles which is both boring and sad. 8) So anything around that distance is ok. 1.5 is just the minimum I need. I plan on using a long run 2-3 times a week and the 1.5 just once a week to test out my time. I'll check out the routes you've sent, thanks lads.

    EDIT: Yeah Glasgow Green has almost a perfect 0.75 lap so two of those will do a 1.5 nicely. I can look at the long run routes now.
  13. Or run past any large group of Celtic fans while singing "When the Saints go Marching in!" :twisted: :lol: :rofl:
  14. Bellahouston Park is a good one as you've got the perimeter for your measured-distance work and cross-graining for hill-training. You're also not too far from the Pollock Estate if you fancy some off-road running or some peace and quiet.