good riddance !

i see that right to the very end in prime ministers questions walter mitty bliar was still saying that the services had received everything they had ever asked for ... and amazingly it appears the deluded fool still thinks he can still be thought of as an international politician of repute ... crazy, isn't for someone with the blood of three quarters of a million afgan, iraq and service personel on his hands ... my hope is that when he eventually goes he suffers for a long and painful time during which he can reflect upon why he deserves it
The guy's so full of sh*t it's unbelievable. Deluded to the end. He's brought this nation's armed forces, for so long the envy of the world, to it's knees. Unforgivable.
Patricia Hewitt, has just stood down as Health Minister, thank feck, after a few years maybe the NHS can recovered from bLairs & Hewitts interference.
How out spoken tony Blair wife acted today ,o.k. we all have how opinion's but there is a time and place to air them . After all this time i still forget her name its seems that they were people i never to look up to for guidence .

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